Given his wealth of experience in Livestock, Food, Petroleum, Chemical & Agricultural Industries for over 39 years, Engr. Iliya Duniya has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Nomavart Nigeria Limited. Nomavart is a leading Livesetock Agricultural Company in Nigeria whose aim is to create platforms for the integrated farming system throughout Nigeria with core expertise in Livestock Farming such as cattle and small ruminants (goats and sheep), piggery, and poultry. Specific interests in Turnkey dairy and feedlot farm dairy processing and equipment; Capacity building in livestock management Nutrition, health, and reproduction; Agricultural project management Feeds & feeding; Pasture establishment, hay and silage making; Crop waste utilization & Hydroponic fodder solutions.

Engr. Duniya has led a host of high-end projects that have earned him the much reputable position of a CEO at Nomavart such as; Livestock Production Interventions at Propcom Maikarfi – Palladium Group (DFID Funded) – September, 2015 – June 2018; Sheep & Goat Value Chain Agric. Transformation Agenda Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Abuja; Meat and Leather Intervention – Palladium Group (GRM-GEMS1 – DFID Funded).

His many other experiences include;

Consultancy in Livestock development and general Agriculture,

Exotic Pig breeding and production.

Participation in ILRI’s design workshop in Ethiopia. Our contribution covered the meat, poultry, piggery, and dairy value chains.

Participation as a critical stakeholder to review the World Bank-sponsored Livestock project by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD).

Anchored ruminant fattening and pig production as an economic empowerment enterprise for Zango Kataf Local Government, Kaduna.

He is the pioneer and current National Vice Chairman of the Smallholder Poultry Forum (SPF).

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