Love Formed From Transformed Generation: Juliet & Nonso Pre-wedding Photos + Wedding I.V & Love Story #J&N2020 - November 7th

It is first of its kind as love was formed from world renowned Gospel dance ministry arm of Transformed Generation in Kaduna between Nonso Mark Chijoke and Juliet Olarewaju. Their love story is so beautiful because they have been dancing together for long. It is love built from talents, on God's word and ministry.

Juliet and Nonso will be saying yes to forever to each other come November 7th, 2020 as their pre-wedding photos speak a volume of true love built on a solid foundation.


Their wedding is scheduled to take place as follows:

Date: Saturday 7th November, 2020

Venue: Kingdom Enrichment Church, After Viewing Centre, Danbaba Street, Janruwa, Kaduna

Time: 10am

Reception follows immediately @ Tunde Olarewaju's Residence @ Gbagyi Villa, Sariki Kasuwa Street After Round House, Kaduna


Gold | Emerald Green | White

RSVP: 09030031571 or 09078228178

In compliance with Covid-19 protocol

Our Love Story

September 2017. We started this Journey and it was full of many ups and downs. We reached an agreement that the relationship might not continue due to the distance. We were open and hoped for anything. But to our surprises, we kept on talking. She called at every opportunity she got and immediately after my school, she came running back to see me. We got stronger by the day even with the distance. We talked every now and then like we were together. The distance had nothing on us. The communication was excellent. The only challenge was that we weren't seeing face to face always.

We kept on growing in the relationship and became best of friends. Life was moving smoothly and she moved very fast in her career as a nurse. I was never left out in making any decisions concerning her line of career. To ensure effective communication, we got a postpaid calling plan. We had our tough moments. Very very challenging moments that will make us break up on Friday and reconcile on Sunday. Sometimes, she will be like, 'I'm not doing again" and I'll tell her to, "feel free and go that I'm also tired of doing". But two days later we will come running back. It was not always rosy. We had fights. Deep intense fights but one thing happened. We were quick to make amends. We chose to look on the brighter side of the relationship. We first of all built friendship. The friendship was built on openness and communication.

We talk about everything and anything no matter how small. We did amebo over the phone like we were present. We have watched each other grow from nothing to something. She has grown into everything I can ever want in a woman. I have a friendship that I couldn't have asked for. We will be three years next month. Now we  have decided to get wedded in some few months time, I didn't have double mind about spending the rest of my life with her. She completes me. I'm so happy to be walking down this road with her. So today I am bringing this to a call that we're getting married come November 7th, 2020. I'm excited and very happy for indeed love has called my name.


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