Transformed Generation Launches Christmas Fiesta Official Website | @trans4med_gen

World-renowned Gospel dance, music and drama ministry, Transformed Generation has now launched its official website for its annual Christmas Fiesta.
Transformed Generation started off as Nu-Generation, dated 11 January, 2005. Birthed with a new purpose, Nu-Generation metamorphosed to Transformed Generation; to the Glory of God, this dream has sustained for over 15 years. 

The Vision of the ministry which is;

"To rebuild the broken lives of youths and teenagers at large" is taken from the book of Nehemiah 2:17. 

"To travel the nooks and crannies of the world preaching the gospel" which is the ministry's mission is taken from the book of Mark 16:15. 

Christmas Fiesta is a stage that brings the whole world in concordance to worship; took its course in the year 2008 and due to its sustainable vigour from inception, has had 11 successive staging and more to reckon with. Gradually, Christmas Fiesta is growing into a world-class event the world cannot ignore its magnificence. 
The emphasis on the growth of any organization and technological advancement, placed side-by-side, especially its ICT facet, is one held in esteem, hence, why
Transformed Generation has put up a website for Christmas Fiesta for the following purposes:

• To reach out to more souls around the world. 

• Promote our God-given talents/potentials. 

• To promote the event, Christmas Fiesta.

• To promote gospel events in its Northern outlook. 

The newly launched website is;

Also, connect with Transformed Generation on social media via:

Instagram: @trans4med_gen

Twitter: @trans4med_gen

Facebook:  Transformed Generation

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