The Ripple Effect of Eargasm Kaduna on KD Artiste and Events

Eargasm Kaduna August 31st, 2018, came and has gone but the effect is there in the minds of the Kaduna Artiste who weren't given the privilege to perform on stage, I felt really bad Cox I did the best I can to make the KD Artiste get on that stage but it was impossible, it was only a few days to the event I had to tell P-son now Ishaku to give up on the performance, I remember vividly how GAD kept calling me till a few days to the event and I remember my words to him "You have a Music competition in Abuja that might fetch you cool cash if you emerge the winner that same day, I was like channel your energy to win that grand price of N500,000. Long story short GAD emerged winner with a lot of applauds all around. That the beginning of greatness for one of the artiste I love so much with his drive and passion.

Back to my point, the most excuse that was given for KD Artiste not performing at the event was that "KD Artiste no fit perform with LIVE BAND" & Say the LIVE BAND dey come from Lagos".
After all the backlash on the organizers and condemnation from Fans, Artiste, and the entire KD industry. Something changed in the KD Artiste "The Groove with LIVE BAND" became the new norm for all event afterward, Rymboxx concert was well executed with Live Band, GAD Concert Live Band, Eff Ell Savages Live Band, Mün Live Band, Hip Samba Live Band, Event of Life Live Band, #VoteNotFight Live Band, Independence Day Event at Shifu Restaurant Live Band, Purest Event Live Band, Bishop Talk Couples Night Live Band, Oneman Jersey Day Live Band, Redemption & his Drummer boys and lots more.

And this brought the limelight of more live band groups in Kaduna eg. Depth of Sound, Stick City, and more. Even our KD Deejays have enjoyed events playing alongside LIVE BAND.
I can confidently tell you now that if there will be another #Eargasm in Kaduna which is in the pipeline or any other event in KD or anywhere in the World "no one, I repeat no one" can use LIVE BAND to deny the KD Artiste access to the stage to show the crowd what they are made of.
The exploit of the KD Artiste to conquer the world is about to begin if we all collaborate & have a WINNING MINDSET
Celebrity / #ThePlug / Dat Event Guy / MIKC

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