The New EDI-JEN Petrol Station along High-Cost Road Barnawa Kaduna

With the tremendous success of EDI-JEN Group and a vision of making a positive impact, EDI JEN group acquired former Dulahi Petrol Station along High-Cost Road, Barnawa. EDI JEN Group gave it a facelift that transformed it into a 24 hours state of the art Petrol Station, which has breath a new hope in the neighborhood. 

Before the purchase, Dulahi Petrol Station and surrounding harbours Criminals who engage in illicit activities like sales of hard drugs and illegal substances, prostitution, etc. 

The new petrol station has impacted positively in the community as they have easy access to Petrol (Premium Motor Spirit [PMS], Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG], Diesel (Automated Gas Oil [AGO]) and Kerosene (Dual Purpose Kerosene [DPK]) 24 hours daily. 

EDI JEN Group has provided employment opportunities to the community, with not less than 60 Staff.

Out of their benevolence, they distributed the FREE PMS on its first day of operation. For anyone who knows the building years ago,  knows how terrible the junction was. Today, it culvert housing the petrol station is fixed, also constructed the link road to the community by constructing a big culvert thereby creating an easy flow of traffic for Motorist and commuter. 

The brightness of this facility has transformed the looks of this environment at night as criminals can no longer hang around that area.

With no limit in its operational platform nor in its growth plan, EDI JEN Group is focused on building a conglomerate with a positive impact on the World's economy at large.

This new petrol station adheres to safety precautions and has installed highly recommended fire extinguishers and all necessary first aid equipment to respond to any hazard.

- All its staff are adequately trained (retain training records) on fire disaster management. 
- Storage tanks and dispense pumps are adequately maintained and monitored.
- Appropriate wet stock management procedures are used.
- Identify hazardous areas and control all sources of ignition. 
- They use appropriate warning and hazard signs.
- The Management devises a safe system of traffic movement, e.g. a one-way system for entering and exiting the forecourt.
- In this Petrol Station displays clear information/warning signs setting out the traffic control arrangements.
- Provide sufficient designated parking areas close to the shop and away from the pumps.
- Provide mechanical protection to vulnerable structures such as fuel tanks and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) storage areas.

Dr. Benjamin Omale (The Group Managing Director of EDI-JEN) is known to be one of the biggest employers of labour in Kaduna and the entire Northern States.

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