EVENT OF LIFE is not a one-time project or a one-man project.
EVOL is a project of greatness. It's a project to upscale the standard of events in Kaduna State.
I remember, sometimes last year, I visited Mr. Elisha Mamman in his office and he asked me some deep questions.
- What is the idea behind EVOL?
- What is that thing that makes it different from other events?
My answer was "EVENT OF LIFE is an event coming to breathe in Life to other events. It's an event which my team and I are working hard to create a standard for how a concert should be held in Kaduna". With God on our side, prayer and teamwork, The rest is history.
Based on our evaluation, Event Of Life 1.0 was a huge success.

You know better: Managing events is stressful. With so many logistics, it might seem tough (or even impossible) to prepare for an event that’s a year away.
Here are some common sense tricks;
- Start by breaking down things; pre-event, ticketing launch, day-to-day, and last call.
- Choose your promotional channels, including email, social media, SEO, blog articles, etc.
- Do nail down your venue. Remember that large venues tend to be booked out a year in advance, so you need to lock that in as soon as possible. Plus, with a contract signed a year in advance.
- Designate roles and responsibilities to the people on your team regardless of your event date. You can easily create this timeline a year ahead. You’ll be grateful that the heavy lifting Is already done for you — all you have to do is fill in the dates and execute.
- Get the date for your next event ready so when attendees leave your event, they should be aware and hyped for the next year. Build on that excitement by announcing dates for the following year.

Building relationships is important for everyone. It increases workplace satisfaction, eases career transitions, helps you find future opportunities, and lays the groundwork for future leadership roles.
It also helps the organization, because teamwork is important in most fields. Professional relationships are solely for the purpose of getting your work done which is Key to getting any work done effectively.
Respect is your most powerful tool in business, as in all of life. If people don't respect you, you're pretty much done. If you make a mistake, but people respect you, they will be understanding.
Few things engender respect faster than honesty. Being honest about your shortcomings is particularly respectable.
Why is this true? Few people possess the bravery to admit that they’re weak. Stop pretending like they’re on the verge of exploding into the world’s next Google.
I can confidently say that everyone that was part of my last event got payment for their services, even if it's not the actual money they are supposed to be paid on a normal day, but I respected their businesses and they made sure they got payment either in cash or in kinds.

Teamwork boosts creativity, adds to job satisfaction, gives you a support network to work with, offers access to a wider skill set, and enhances productivity too.
The events industry is a teamwork-focused industry, so be sure to prioritize building a culture of teamwork for your events.
Great teamwork makes it possible to accomplish things that individuals working their hardest could never dream to do, and this is an important thing to consider when you’re conceiving or managing events (for example, those that were there during the setup of the event, You will see the spirit-filled teamwork with the DOXA DIGITAL team. How they worked collectively to set up everything and made sure everything was neat and classy.
The EVOL team spiced up the teamwork spirit with the way we joined including myself. We offloaded the 2 trucks together, fix trusses, lights,t, and connect the electricity together with the electrician and it's all ended with Joy) after the party really scatter.
After the whole event, I couldn't thank my team enough, because I was overwhelmed with the joy of a successful event. I had a team of volunteers of 40 people with the likes of Leo Ralph, Ebenezer Ebenco, and Dj Kel who came in from Ibadan and Lagos respectively. How do I repay my team for all this effort in the sun, dust and also staying out late in the cold at the FMA Center till 4am the night before the event.
I had to put together a little hang out in my apartment, Invited all my team members and we shared experience from the event, and had a good time with enough to eat and drink. Big shout out to Bobby Santong who handled the cooking that day.
The MIKC & EVOL team has built trust and strong bonds, creating a work environment in which members feel comfortable trying new ways of doing things. I will choose to work with them over and over again.

If you constantly associate with negative, depressing, artificial, or critical people, you will become negative, depressed, hollow, and sarcastic. Nobody respects that.
Respect grows in a self-reciprocal way. When others respect you, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you act in a more respectful way. Others, in turn, respect you even more, which makes you feel even more confident.
As the cycle goes, allowing you to increase your sense of confidence and respect even more. This will only happen if you’re around the right kind of people.
Let me give you a true scenario that happened months before the events, at this point finance and support weren't coming in from anywhere. All the money I had have been spent in preparation for this event. I kept saying to myself, I can't do this all alone. I needed support from individuals and brands, there was a day where I told my right-hand guy Donatus aka Donation that I want to cancel EVOL and all he told me was not to rush with my decisions, we prayed about it and went to sleep that day.
And something happened, days after days pasted, one faithful night I had a dream about the Quality of Setup, Lighting, Stage and the kinda LED Screen we had at the event. I woke up that morning and that was it, I grabbed my books and my pen and I called Donatus and said to him we are going on with the plans for the EVENT OF LIFE and that is it. The rest is history. Mind you, I don't dream randomly all my dreams come to past weather Good or Bad, I have that gift from God.
And mehn after that night the Alerts and support started gushing in.
How much do you respect a person who is defensive, arrogant, condescending, and totally unteachable?
Such people are rarely respected. By contrast, someone who is humble and teachable is far more likely to gain respect.
There is no one on my team or who I discussed my ideas with that I didn't learn or pick a thing from the advice they give me.
Darey can be a very funny person like I might make you feel like I didn't hear what you are saying but fam deep down that advice has been recorded in my head.

“Nowhere does it say a company must buy your sponsorship,” says Uglow. “Your sponsorship opportunities should be presented as a win-win relationship.”
If a company or brand is willing to give support to your event, weather r is cash, product or even manpower accept it no matter how small it is.
"Person wey no fit collect a small gift, no deserve something big" - African Proverb
There are so brands and companies who were present at my last event and didn't give us a penny. But that doesn't mean we have to chase them away. Remember this "Their is Power in Relationship"
Brands will often sponsor your event so they can get in front of their target customer. This is especially true when they’re relatively new to the market and hope to introduce your attendees to their product or service.
Sponsorship is a partnership between your event and your sponsors. It’s a two-way street that requires a sincere interest in the sponsor’s objectives and how you can help them achieve goals.
With a solid understanding of a potential sponsor’s needs and objectives, you’ll be better equipped to win valuable sponsorship deals.
Thanks to every individual that bought Tickets, Brand that supported Event of Life 1.0
DaREY Elisha

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