DJ Timmy Blames Rapper, Yung6ix For Making Him Spend Recklessly Before Dumping Him

Yung6ix erstwhile former disc jockey, DJ Timmy has revealed something shocking about his disappearance from the entertainment scene for a long while. Based on his revelation, rapper, Yung6ix was the main reason why he went broke after he made him to live large just to meet up to standard and later dumped him.

He also accused Yung6ix for making him spend 11 million out of 13 million to rent a house and buy a Benz.
DJ Timmy said:

"You don’t know what transpired between yung6ix and I and you have the guts to say “Na pride de do them.
“I fell into depression. Lost everything I owned including My Benz, went back to level 0, bought sniper last year to end my life, wrote a suicide note, lost Relevance.
” Yung6ix forced me to buy an N11m Benz (which I obviously didn’t need) and told me I won’t be able to be walking with him if I didn’t get it. Out of N13m I had, I went to buy a hopeless Benz that didn’t last 6 months. He Encouraged me to stay in a N2.5m 3 bedroom flat in chevron”.

However, Yung6ix has reacted to all the accusations against him, in his defence, he said:

"We were building together and you felt you were strong enough to stand on you own. You tried and you failed now you are blaming people for your fall. Remember you can say sorry but you can’t take an impression back."

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