Rymboxx Speaks About The Nitty-gritty of Marriage

Popular talented act, Gabriel Akhuetie largely known as Rymboxx has hinted on the essence of marriage as he prepares to tie the knot in January. The Mary Jane singer released a detailed statement on how marriage should be given priority and wedding should not be a great deal.

He added that his forthcoming wedding with his fiancée, Hannatu Sunday is tagged, "#TheMovie" because he plans to have a video shoot of one of his songs and not to impress anyone.

He wrote:

"This is going to be a long read... enjoy!
Yesterday someone met me and said he can't wait to come to my wedding and eat 3 plates of food. He said it jokingly though so i replied "you fit no even see 1 plate sef" he laughed really hard cos he thought i was joking but i wasn't.
The other day i got the estimate for decoration from our wedding planner and i laughed. I am not paying that money... they just don't know it yet... you people might come and not even see any decoration! We will just paint everywhere black! Lol
Some people (close friends and relatives) are hoping I'll book hotels and pay for transportation for them to attend my wedding... they are on a long thing! Very loooong thing!
Some people don't even understand that the reason why i called this wedding "The Movie" is because i want to use it to shoot a music video for a wedding song i recorded some time ago!
I know that i have created and is still creating some mad buzz around this wedding but that's me... i no come play! I also know that expectations are high but i am really not looking at impressing anybody. The person i need to impress is already super impressed already and she's with me on this.
See ehn, i have never felt the need to be stingy like i am now. I do not plan on spending money i don't have. Shebi the wedding go end in a couple of hours and marriage will continue for a lifetime? Toh, lemme kuku focus on the marriage and give Tutu the world!
We talked about these things yesterday and she had such a good laugh. She called me a clown when i said we should collect gatefee and turn the wedding to a concert sef. Lol
I think the most important part is the part i already have, which is a woman that is supportive and understands the journey. Our wedding will be beautiful and so is our marriage.
So, this is me inviting you from the bottom of my heart to come experience RYM&TUTU #TheMovie".

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