Terry Tha Rapman Reveals Shocking  Conversation Between Him And His Dad About Modenine

Rapper, Terry Tha Rapman has revealed a very shocking conversation he had with his dad while listening to Modenine's "Esoteric Mellow" from his phone. According to TR, his dad identified with Modenine after he told him that it was his music.

The dad said Modenine is his huge (giant) friend. Joe Spazm took to his social media platform to disclose this interesting news.

He tweeted;
"So I'm bumping #EsotericMellow from my phone and my dad asked, 'who's music is that?'
I said 'It's Segun Babatunde, that my huge friend.'
'Oh that giant...' he said. LmaO! @Modenine"

However, legendary Modenine hilariously replied to the epic tweet.

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