Lola's story

"Almost Beautiful"

I remember the day we named babies we didn't want; with our backs kissing against sheets soaked with love like scent, birth from beautiful escaping moans spread all over like beats to a favorite song, you pursed your lips and a left a smile dancing ear to ear as you said"if we have a daughter we would call her Mirabel" that night when we drafted into sleep,I cligned to those words and I couldn't wait.

My mind cooked imaginations of this love that I thought would serve a meal with a taste that wouldn't leave me hungry ever, giving me a ticket to open the shores of my oceans anytime you came with your boat ,  with our bodies becoming siblings

With you I forgot my home training, forgot the stern look my mother gave as words ushered to drag an ear against premarital sex,a drawing stretch as the pastor layed sermons about fornication, I didn't see like that, rather,a specification,a genre in love,they were wrong and you were right, love was right and wrong as you threw a bunch of naira notes demanding an abortion, disturbing the calm of all the memories we coo Reality played again,we named babies we didn't want
Do you even love me

Tales of a black woman.

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