Music: Eazy Bob Wizzy - SHINESHINEBOBO

"SHINESHINEBOBO" is Eazy Bob Wizzy's first single of the year 2019 and it's also the first single off his forthcoming mixtape titled "Where is Eazy?"

"This song talks about a certain kind of glow that can be attained when one's spirit is in right standing with God. It is a glow that shines from within, outward. Regardless of what one may be going through in a particular season of his/her life, this glow remains evident because all things are working together for his/her good." - Eazy Bob Wizzy

Produced by Eazy Bob Wizzy, the track was inspired by a popular chorus sung in most local churches in Nigeria. Eazy Bob Wizzy popularly known as a rapper decided to take a different approach by singing patois but also laid down a few bars for his rap fans.



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