Michael Jackson And Beyonce Comparison: All The Views, Humour And Reactions That Trailed The Trend

Recently, the social media has been in a heated comparison of two of world's greatest music icons, talking about Michael Jackson and Beyonce. A good number of Social Media Influencers have opined that singer, Beyonce has all what it takes to be matched with The Late Jackson.

On the other hand, others have ruled out their claims opining that it is undefined, baseless and unthinkable. However, MadeIn KrockCity has no take in the comparison, but deemed it fit to highlight some key points in respect of this trend for your reading delight.

Below are some of the views from different school of thoughts currently trending on social media.

"Michael Jackson...The King of Kings of pop himself and the greatest of all times on planet earth and beyond...I dare not even mention the comparison, tufia! Whoever has decided to shake this table does not have the fear of God, REALLY...That's all I can say."

"No one should compare Beyoncé to Michael Jackson. She is inarguably the most accomplished female in the game right now. She’s so successful she needs no validation. 

"However, do not compare her to Michael Jackson. Everything she has achieved is belittled the moment you do this."

"Beyoncé will walk in Okokomaiko or Hadejia and some people will recognize her as she walks along. Even today, Michael Jackson will be mobbed in every corner of every forgotten village of the world. Don’t make silly comparisons. Stan your love, but don’t be silly about it!"

"Michael Jackson thrived in a time devoid of iTunes, YouTube, Instagram..etc.

Most popular name after Jesus Christ our Lord. Even his burial supersedes Beyonce's existence

Compare Beyonce with Chris Brown, Drake, Justin Bieber, Wizkid, Davido, Ayefele and Chioma Jesus. PERIODT😒"

"Beyonce has sold 17.2 million albums [in internet age]. Michael Jackson sold over 750 million albums. MJ's Thriller alone sold 66 million copies. No one is yet to dethrone King Michael, even in death."

"I knew this day will come when Michael Jackson VS Beyoncé will come up.
Both broke boundaries & stereotypes
Both started at tender ages
Both are unparalleled performers
But only 1 has transcended 3 generations & counting, Bey has time left to pull it off but I doubt she ever will"

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