Kije Outreach CEO, Rachael O. Yari Extends Love To Various Orphanage Homes

KIJE OUTREACH is a Non governmental foundation run by Mrs. Rachael O. Yari alongside her team members, its objective are;

1. To give hope to the less privileged and disabled.
2.To make them realise that there is ability in disability and
3.To help them rise up to the fact that they too can be useful to the society they belong.

Mrs. Rachael O. Yari, The CEO of Kije Outreach extended love to various orphanage homes in Kaduna by providing items to them during the harmattan season last year. The WBAF_UAMDC Africa Excellence Awardee revealed that she and her team at Kije Outreach embarked on an outreach last year December to distribute blankets to orphans to enable them cheat the harsh weather. 

She further said that items like clothes, baby food and pampers were other items distributed to the various orphanage homes. She added that, she and her team had fun with the amazing kids.

She wrote;
"I and my team member went for an outreach on 22nd December, 2018. The outreach kicked off from the office to Mercy Orphanage Home where blanket clothings for cold alongside with Pampers and SMA pro were taken to the last born of the home, Baby David.

From there, we proceeded to Adonai Orphanage Home where blankets and clothes were also distributed to the children, we had a nice time as Christmas songs were sang. The Head Pastor of the home showed his appreciation to me for always standing by them and for being part of the home. We further proceed to Gidan Bege (Home of Refuge) where we also reached out to the children with same items. Our choice to distribute cold clothings is because of the excessive cold that is usually experienced towards the end of the year at the northern region of Nigeria."

Next Event is the Widows Outreach 
Coming up on 6th April, 2019

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