International Women's Day: Participants of The Real SHE Power Share Amazing Testimonies

Happy International Women's Day! Today, we are celebrating the women who have changed the world, today, we celebrate and reflect: Gender equality does not just benefit women, it benefits us all. We can create a world where women and girls everywhere have equal rights and opportunities, but we must stand together!

In January, 2019, an empowerment opportunity, The Real SHE Power for the SHE gender by the C.E.O of Kije Concept, Rachael O Yari tagged, "Developing Women For Sustainable Delivery And Results" was held in Kaduna and the two (2) days empowerment programme was aimed at bringing a revolution which will bring forth a tremendous transformation in the SHE gender.

Here is Rachael O Yari's message to all women all over the world, she wrote;

"On behalf of myself and the entire members of The Real SHE Power, we wish all powerful women all over the world a happy International Women's Day 2019!"

Below are some of the amazing testimonies shared by some of the beneficiaries of The Real SHE Power, 2019 in Kaduna;

"The Real She Power was a great program. 

I run a Ladies' group called POSH Ladies Academy in the East and for a while, I started having some discouragement especially as related to funds. 

But when I came to the Real SHE Power the first day and listened to women like Mrs. Jocelyn the story of how she organized her program across Africa, I got encouraged. So, I went back and started thinking of ways to make POSH better.

Currently, we are working on having a T-shirt and organising a Community Development Service in the state before May.

I've really been motivated to do more because there is more in me as the RealShe."
- Esther Nwachukwu

"Hi, my name is Samuel G Smith, C.E.O SmytheConsultz. I want to share in the huge teachings from the The Real She Power Confrence 2019. SmytheConsultz is an online motivational, business information and innovation Centre which is focused to bring out the best in Youth across Nigeria and the entire world in general. Well, after the just concluded Real SHE Power which of course I only got to attend because I dropped my mummy at the venue and needed to wait to drive her back home.

After the conference, I got inspired to do more than just sit down to motivate people. We all know Mrs Rachael O Yari, she loves to bring out the best in people. The Real SHE Power Conference inspired me so greatly to reach out to more and more people  and today, SmytheConsultz is planning her first closed WhatsApp Group Forum channeled to tackling challenges youth face growing up in the 21st century."
- Samuel Gana Smith

"I am Aishatu Abdulhameed and my Real SHE Power testimony goes as follows; I attended The Real SHE Power Seminar in January 2019 and I have to say it's the best decision I have made in ages. I hustle in different business, but I have the spending problem that money never piles with me, people tease me a lot, some say things like "menane zakiyi da kudi?" "what don't you sell?" "ki rage san kudi" and more. To me, buying and selling is what I do get my interest and spend them on mostly clothes, shoes, bags, perfs and makeup. 

At the seminar, I saw people giving story, how others started from the scratch and are something today, then I thought of my earnings and all I got was less than 50k in my account, 200k that I gave out for a business so as to receive interest from time to time and a piece of land I bought 4 years back in a less developed area that might not be more than 400k now😭.
I drove the courage and asked the question that disturbs me day and night! how can I save without spending? I exposed my problem openly and to my surprise I wasn't alone in it... 😊 the answer I was given is the reason I am testifying now.

First, I was challenged to set a mission and focus on achieving it in a specific time. Secondly, in every interest I receive I am to keep certain percentage which is necessary, then lastly I mustn't  spend more than I earn😊... I will forever be grateful to "The Real SHE Power Seminar 2019".
Coming back, I set my goals, I now have a mission with lots of visions, since seeing the money is my problem then I dwell more on a business that brings interest weekly without me stressed out. In January, I and my sister came together and got a new Rice Miller worth #450k of which the interest and a little more I pile and give out for my Adashe gathering of #75k monthly. I have contributed twice now, and I am planning on buying an independent Rice Miller by Octorber 2019. My spending problem is still giving me tough time though I have reduced drastically I choose to buy my likings with my other hustle income and save as much as I can. It amazes my mum that I haven't asked her to help me in my always stucked Adashe😊. I will love to testify more ending of this year with images of my 2 gigantic Engines😁 and more😊.

Can't appreciate The Real SHE Power less!"
- Aishatu Abdulhameed 

"The REAL SHE POWER 2019 has impacted positively in my life as a woman and wife.
It gave me the drive to start my business, which was on IDEAL STAGE before the conference. After the conference, I got a spark to kick off and today I distribute to people and sell in retails as well.

Today, I'm the proud owner of ZOBOCOM, a beverage/drink business.
Contact: Chop Chop Eat Out, Karji, or KEGY'S Gym NNPC Quarters for a Chill Zobo drink. You too can be our retailer."
- Comfort Semlek

I am an entrepreneur, I'm into fish farming, fashion design and photography.

This is the first time I attended something like this in Kaduna and it was one of it kind. The real she power conference was an encouragement, inspiration, source of strength and courage for me. Despite the fact that I had alot of plans written down from my school days, NYSC days but I'm always starting something and not finishing it. I'm someone that is always driven by problems, In the sense that when I get to a place, i always recognize problems beyond what other people see. So it's always drives me to solve it and make money from it. But I hardly even executive the plans I writes.
 After the conference, I have taken courage never to lag behind. I picked up my design and photography skills I have been reluctant about, Because everything that happened in the conference blessed me from the speakers to the people around and now I want to take it one step at a time. One of the speakers said something I held ." The best time to plant a tree is 20years ago, and the next best time to plant a tree is NOW. "
 So I took the bold step and now I'm learning fashion design, igot a sketch book for my designs and I I'm on getting my camera accessories ready for work. God bless the pioneer of this movement.
- Rosemary Duniba

My real She Power indeed sparked up the zeal in me to wake up from slumber and see clearly the glory ahead for me. I started a Restaurant Business in 2017 which eventually closed up due to the economic hardship in 2018 leaving me with debts to clear and a crushed heart. But attending the REAL SHE POWER CONFERENCE on January 25th 2019. Presentations and testimonies shared during this event made me to wake up from my slumber of lack of hope, fear. I was able to see clearly where some of my weaknesses and strengths lies, and right from that day I vowed to get DU MARIES KITCHEN working  again. We were encouraged to know and use the power of networking via our phones to push our markets or businesses....its working for me!!! For me, to be able to say to myself, I will open my restaurant again, I was encouraged by the REAL SHE POWER. Today, as we celebrate International  Women's Day, I have two weddings to cater for towards the end of March 2019 because I chose to listen and use most of the principles presented during the conference in January 2019. Thank God that I was there to tap the fire which made me to realise the gifts and power that GOD ALMIGHTY has deposited in me.

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