Order For A Life Transforming Book, "The Business of Life" By Elisha Mamman

One of the greatest men of our time, Elisha Mamman who is well known for motivating the youths has unveiled a powerful best-selling book titled; "The Business of Life".

Elisha Mamman is the great man behind "The Winning Mindset",  a platform committed to raising a generation of Individuals who achieve great results, break limitations and affect lives by living intentionally.

Overtime, Elisha Mamman has been true to this course by inspiring possibilities, initiating dreams and birthing realities in lives.

Life is gift we must use effectively if we must find fulfilment .

Understanding life and how to approach life will always give you an edge.

The business of Life is a compendium of principles put together to help you move from one level to another in life will help you understand life and how to approach it.

It is a guide to help you focus on what you must if you want to raise your life upward and move it forward .

The business of Life is written by Elisha Mamman, a John Maxwell certified speaker and entrepreneur
Who by the same principles has risen to an enviable position in life, work and society.

to order for your copy.

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