#GBAM: The Experience And Wonders of GRAFFITI Basketball And Music Held In Kaduna

The just concluded GRAFFITI Basketball And Music  (#GBAM) cannot be forgotten even in a hurry. The 3 days star-studded event was held at The Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Hall, Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th January, 2019. Due to the magnitude of the GRAFFITI which is fast becoming a culture and Hip Hop Music getting more attention in Nigeria lately, #GBAM was second to none in terms of hype and organisation. Kudos to The GRAFFITI team for making it possible.

The GRAFFITI Movement which is a platform devoted to promoting entertainment and the social well-being of the community through music (hip hop), art, sports, radio shows as well as concerts/events was experienced with so much excitements by show goers and entertainment stakeholders in Northern Nigeria. Music was fused with basketball at every interval to spice the event. The tournament which featured Basketball matches by 10 teams State complemented by professional appearances and mid-game produced a winning team and honoured some amazing ballers with cash prizes.

Musical acts such as; CLASSIQ, TERRY THA RAPMAN, PHEROWSHUZ, B.O.C, KHEENGZ, D.I.A, KEVIN WORDS, DJ CINCH, IBI, DJ AB, EFF-ELL, GAD, MONSTER TEMPO, BK, BHP, EMMY JAY, ELAIDRIX, PENNY, IZAYYAH PRINCETON and a host of others thrilled the audience with stunning performances. Dancers such as NORTH SIDE KINGS, TRANSFORMED GENERATION, COMPASS, TEAM LIGHT and OCHAI G brought a lot of creativity to the event.

GRAFFITI Exhibition by JESSE JOSH was well noticed at the venue too. The icing on the cake was the epic performance of the theme song, "GRAFFITI" by Murpheus Rhymz featuring Terry Tha Rapman, Kevin Words, D.I.A and Pherowshuz who performed live on stage for the very first time since the release of the song.

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