"P-son Gave Them Something To Make Them Forget That They Even Waited" - Fan Reacts

The reception to P-son's latest jam, "Siah" is alarming. The verdict from his fans and entertainment pundits is positive on every side. In just 3 days of its release, "Siah" has become an anthem and a topic of discussion on various entertainment platforms including the media which ensures that it must be played on Radio due to how appealing the vibe is. It is on this note Moses Mefful took his time to evaluate and analyse the song based on quality, delivery and market taste.

He said;

"Good music delayed, but delivered to stand the test of time and compete in the International market. Moses also revealed P-son's personalities describing him as a humble, honest and determined fellow".

Moses Mefful wrote;

"So after 3days evaluation of one Single track, I have come up with this conclusion,
The Artist took his time, Made his Fans waited, And then.... He gave them something to make them forget that they even waited,
This Artist also went all the way from 5 straight to 20, the gap between the old track and this new one was huge, I must say that he has now made himself fully ready to compete in the International Market,
This Artists as a person, which is most important, Has always been Humble, Honest, down to earth and always striving to be better than his yesterday,
His hands, His voice is Blessed of God,
Am tempted to say this track is that ONE HIT oo,
I know say una go dey wonder which song be that,
So here is the download link, please to everyone Reading this download/listen and tell me if you feel any different from Me."

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