Music: Demiallah - Nifty Breezy(@niftyboi_sr)

Nifty's here as usual, raising the bar for the rest. We are finding it hard to have any doubt about this project's title as Nifty chooses to call it Demiallah which means demigod, that's half human half god. Judging by the rate at which Nifty is putting in work I'll hardly dispute the fact that he is nothing but a superhuman dropping hits after hits some would even think we there are two or three Nifty's in the industry lol. Enough of the hype but ain't your regular type of jam. Check it out and did I mention that Nifty is gearing up for his Lagos tour oh yes you got that information here first!

Download DEMIALLAH by Nifty Breezy and enjoy! 

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