Kaduna Corper Replies Secondary School Student Who Wrote Him Love Letter

A serving corps member in Kaduna State, Awoniyi Rasheed Olajide has finally replied a secondary school student who wrote him love letter few days ago. The corper is said to be one of her teachers in the school and according to her in the love letter which was posted by Rasheed on his Facebook timeline, she fell in love with him because he does not flog students.

Rasheed actually made the post to seek advice from his friends on how to go about the issue. He got loads of advices that really helped him to reply the student. He replied her on the ground of elder brother and kid sister. He thanked everyone who took out time to advise him.

Rasheed wrote;
"Hey guys, thanks so much for the advice (in respect to the letter l got from one of my students). I do not think it is right and wise to report her to the school authority. So I did not.
I replied to her letter. The content of my letter was based on the advice I got from you guys. Please, I don't mean the highly emotional pathetic and baseless driven ones, I replied her based on the sensible and meaningful ones. (How she should rather focus on her studies, give love chance when it is right and how I am always going to be there for her as an elder brother).
I really do hope she sees sense in my reply and would not take it the wrong way.
The main aim of posting the letter was to get good advice on how best to proceed, which I apparently got in bulk. Thanks again, guys.
PS; My ordinary 19800 allowee essnor enough to be loving underaged girls.🙄🙄🙄"

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