Davido Reveals How His Dad Almost End His Music Career Using 50 Policemen

Pop star, Davido was the star guest on trendy breakfast show with CharlamangeThagod. The award winning singer revealed how his father, Adedeji Adeleke almost end his music career by sending  50 policemen to get him arrested during his first show.

According to him, he was upstairs on that fateful day when he sighted the policemen at the venue. Davido jumped the fence, but his ex, his road manager and his promoter were arrested. While he was on his heels, his dad called him on phone to report to the police station if  not his friends will go to jail. Luckily for him, while at the police station, one of the officers phone rang and it was his song playing. His dad let them go at some point and they later resolved their issue amicably.

His dad started believing in him when he saw the massive support from presidents, the rich and famous. Davido said that it was not easy for him to become who he is today because his dad's wish was for him to finish school and join the family business.

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