What Patoranking Told A Twitter User Who Attacked Him For Not Using Africa As A Case Study In "Heal D World"

Recently, Dance Hall King, Patoranking switched it up into something quite different from his kind of music with his new tune, "Heal D World", a message to the whole universal to spread love. The video of the song depicts the sufferings people face as a result of war. The video was dominated by the whites which prompted a twitter user to question Patoranking why he did not use the African setting in spite of the killings in Africa.

Patoranking reacted by saying that the person should bless himself with love and emancipate himself from hate.

See their convo;

Twitter User; "@patorankingfire could not shoot the video for Heal the world in Africa. Don't we have enough crisis in our continent that can be highlighted? Can't you heal the world from the African perspective?
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
Bless up Rasta."

Patoranking's Response; "Don't bless me up...Bless yourself with love and Emancipate yourself from hate. One Love."

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