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Rapper, Kahli Abdu Speaks About His Struggle With Depression

Ace rapper and friend of Nigeria's biggest rap circle, Chocolate City and Loopy Records, Kahli Abdu has revealed that he just recovered from a great depression that ate into his soul. According to him, cutting off negative people, staying focused and being around his mother the most important person in his life helped him battle depression.

The rapper who came to Kaduna few years ago with Jesse Jagz for the Kaduna Industry Nite organised by MadeIn KrockCity advised that people should shun negativity and things that hurt them in life if they really want inner peace.

He wrote;

"just recovered from a great depression that ate into my soul. silence is not an option they say, but for us silent ones there is no choice. cutting off people/energies/vibes that weren’t healthy, drowning in nature, exercising, and most importantly being around the most important person in my life -my mom- was the key. you may not believe in God or the higher power(s), but i tell you... accepting who you are (good, bad, & worst) is the true definition of “trusting God” and letting your destiny be carved before you. let no man sell you lies, we are nothing but tools in the most high’s workshop. let go of all doubts and fears and free yourself of negativity and hurtful energies. be free, be truthful, and be calm. #loveyourself"

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