M.I Abaga Unveils Unique Tracklist And Features For "Yung DenzL" Album

Rapper, M.I Abaga has unveiled the tracklist of his much anticipated album, "Yung DenzL". The creative tracklist which appeared in complete sentences contains 10 tracks and features a good number of underground acts in the music industry.

Track 1 saw M.I asking question like, "Do you know who you are? Take some time and meditate on you."

Track 2 saw M.I revealing to fans that, "Last night I had a dream about a hummingbird."

Track 3 is a popular single and an advice to rappers, "You rappers should fix up your lives".

Track 4 is another advice maybe to friends. "Another thing! Do not be a groupie."

Track 5 talks about doubting oneself as M.I warns peeps. "Stop never second guess yourself."

Track 6 obviously is a love song where M.I describes a lady as a melody. "You are like a melody, my heart skips a beat."

In Track 7, M.I used  mathematical signs, "+ -".

Track 8 talks strongly about self-belief. "I believe in me, you should too, believe in you."

In Track 9, M.I tries to evaluate "Yung DenzL" Album.  "The self evaluation of Yung DenzL."

M.I Abaga in track 10 spoke witty about love and only the wise can relate. "Love never fails, but where there are prophecies love will cease to remain."

In respect to the artistes featured on the album project, M.I Abaga did not really fix them on the tracks they did justice to, but released their names. The featured acts are;



Odunsi The Engine

Cina Soul

Patrick Xx Lee

Lady Donli

Lorine Chia

Caryn Solomon

The producers involved are;



Major Bangz






Patrick Xx Lee and

M.I Abaga himself

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