M.I Abaga Defends Nasty C Over His Alleged Freestyle Weakness

The argument started on twitter when popular blogger and co-owner of NotJustOK, Ovie calls out South African rapper, Naeto C for reading out his verse during an interview on Hot 97 when he was asked to do a freestyle. Ovie claimed that Africa's best rapper cannot drop an actual freestyle.

Nigerian rapper, M.I Abaga reacted to Ovie claimed that he did not see Nasty C reading his verse from anywhere. M.I who listed Nasty C among his 5 Best African Rapper said that the verse was fire and asked fans to support the young rapper.

See Ovie's claim on Twitter;
"Nasty C is reading out his bars on #Hot97.
So, "Africa's best rapper" can't drop an actual freestyle?
Come on, man!
Common excuses I've seen:
- "He's just looking down"
- "His eyes are closed"
- "That's his style"
Y'all aren't very observant.
Pre-writing your bars is cool. But reading them? Nah.
Fire verse still. 🔥🔥🔥🔥"
M.I Abaga's reaction on Twitter:
"I didn't see him reading anything first of all.. second the verse was fire!! Hail him and keep it moving!!!
Nasty C is reading out his bars on #Hot97."

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