Public Presentation of the Epic Novel, “In between a Bunch of Snails’ Shells” in Kaduna

In today’s busy world, where Africa sprawls endlessly in playing catch up to the global systems as designed by the west, author and social commentator Tochukwu Onwuzuligbo launches his highly anticipated novel, “In between a bunch of Snail’s Shells” at an event scheduled to hold at Green Suites villa, Barnawa, Kaduna.

This epic African story is an eloquent reminder of an Africa gone down the path of history. It is a patchwork of customs and practices which are multiples of an ancient and beautiful civilization.

Culture is a form of social relations between a people and their immediate environment, the profundity of a people’s understanding of their environment and the extent of their application of this knowledge in interacting with their social space leads to development, says the author who started writing at a downtime of his life when he reached deep-down for his muse.

Tochukwu Onwuzuligbo, a writer, poet and social commentator is a banker by the day and transforms into a writer at night.
He is a graduate of Pure and Industrial Chemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and also holds a Masters degree in Labour Economics from Kaduna state University.

In between a bunch of snails’ shells is a novel of the African writing genre, set in eastern Nigeria. It sketches the Igbo society believed to have succeeded the epoch Chinua Achebe portrayed in “Things Fall Apart”.

It is a conversation on the resilience of the Igbo civilization in the face of a western onslaught. It drew very strongly from the theme of chastisement. A tribal lord challenged the deities to a contest and found a lifeline in the gospel of the missionaries which makes the impotency of the deities the main theme of their message.

The author conjured with a measured precision in this pulsating tale a thriving Africa even under suffocating imperial conditions.

Excerpts of the novel and the cover design can be found on the authors fan page Click Here

A time is coming and the time is now when Africa will create its own systems not necessarily independent of the global system but original in its conceptualization and ambitious in its mission statement; some sort of Cultural Revolution.

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