Is This Poverty or Foolishness? Everybody is Talking About These Old Women Huddled in the Boot of a Car (Photo)

A photo making the rounds on social media has shown some old women balanced inside a vehicle in a way that has sparked a stir.

This is the photo that has caused quite a stir on social media.

The photo shows some three women balanced delicately inside the boot of a car as it conveys them to their destination. One of the women is seen staring at the camera as the photographer snaps her.

Obviously, what got people talking is the fact that the women are actually sitting inside the boot of the car which by itself looks quite old and tattered.

Many internet users have wondered why women who are this old would be allowed to sit inside the boot of a car while it makes a journey on the highway.

Some social media users have argued that the women may have been broke and decided to settle for the least affordable means of transportation which happened to be the boot of the car.

Others however waved that thought aside, insisting that the women were just being greedy and didn't want to spend much. They opined that the women may be traders who may have chattered the vehicle after buying goods from the market and didn't want to hire more than one vehicle.

What do you think about the photo?

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