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KASU Most Ragged Student Launches Anti Drug Campaign In Kaduna

The memories of the just concluded Kaduna State University (KASU) Students Week For Graduating Students can never be forgotten even in a hurry following the numerous activities that went down on campus. One of the major highlights of the extracurricular activities is the rag day display by Mai Hauka who attracted the entire students community with his deep rag display. He became the rave of the moment after the trend and got invitation from radio houses for interviews.

The origin of the word “Rag” according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “an act of ragging; especially, an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct carried on in defiance of authority or discipline”.

Well, there is more to what Miracle Iheanacho now known as Mai Hauka  did as his action came with a mission to launch an anti drug crusade to fight drug and substance abuse in Kaduna which has led to the mental disorder of many youths lately.

According to a close associate, Hyness Prinz Iheanacho, who shared last name with the originator of the trend, Miracle Iheanacho has always been a hardworking, focused and determined young man exceptionally passionate about making positive impacts on society which is very evident in his affirmative character, jovial personality and humble spirit that leaves you feeling better every time you meet him and even yearning for more of him. This passion of his to build a better society that we all can be proud of, has driven him to begin a campaign for a drug and addiction free Kaduna and by extension Nigeria which was kicked off with the KASU  Students Week Rag Day rally that also launched the Mai Hauka trend.

The campaign is on now, volunteers are welcome to join the fight against drug and substance abuse. Follow  @maihauka in making this dream a reality.

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