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Ruby Gyang Presents O'Live Experience

O’ Live!
O’ Records is proud to present O live.
O’ Live is a series of live music shows that happen twice every quarter and rounds up the year with a music festival. Put together by O’ Records, the event showcases talented musicians and instrumentalists. O’ Live thrills fans with a well-rehearsed, unforgettable musical experience.

At its core, is Ruby Gyang who spearheads this vision.

O’ Live June edition is the third in the line-up of the series in the quarterly event. What began in Lagos has extended to other parts of Nigeria including Abuja featuring various artists including Eve Urah & Monlee etc.

We are delighted to retain our tradition and promise of giving great live music performances by inviting the best artists just for your entertainment. Everyone present at the event can expect to have an exciting time and an opportunity to celebrate the arts through the enjoyment of live music performances.

This evening will be headlined by host Ruby Gyang, the queen of soul and R &B, as the night also promises thrilling performances by Nonso Bassey, Jessica Bongos, Di'Ja, Lindsey Abudei, Banké, D. Krieton.
Join us on Friday 21st July 2018, at Backyard Bar and Grill Victoria Island Lagos by 8pm.

O’ Live…experiencing music in its best form.

"O" Live will deliver a night with a unique alternative music experience to the sophisticated music listener.

DATE: July 21, 2018 TIME: 8:00 pm VENUE: Back Yard, Bar & Grill,  4 Musa Yar'adua street, Victoria Island, Lagos

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