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South Africans Mock Rapper AKA For Openly Regretting His Relationship With Bonang

Rapper AKA has been tweeting tweets of regrets for leaving his entire  family for someone who he thought could give him happiness. AKA's relationship with Bonang hit the rock sometimes in December last  year, but the rapper took to twitter today to pour out his mind on the bitter taste he had while they were still together.

From his tweets, he never mentioned Bonang, but the message was clear based on the shots fired.

He described Bonang as rock tied up in plastic bag in a bedroom cupboard after discovery. He also lamented that karma has caught up with him for abandoning his wife and kids for Bonang.

However, South Africans have been trolling and mocking him on social media with all forms of jokes.

See his tweets below;

"You think you know someone until you unpack all their shit & find rocks tied up in a plastic bag in your bedroom cupboard."

"I abandoned my entire family only to get cheated on. That's Karma."

See mocking and trolling tweets;

"I am definitely here for this AKA and bonang saga... I've even made popcorn"

"I can't believe someone would do such a thing to someone they claim to love, first Zinhle and now Bonang? This nigga has issues, what are your fans saying about this disgusting act? Praising you? This is violence against women, AKA is an emotional abuser and you all are laughing"

"Aka accusing Bonang of using jazz so Zihnle can believe he didn't do what he did with clear eyes and she can take him back. Stay woke sis."

"So Aka tweet and doesn't even disclose a name but Bonang trends? Ladies and gentlemen its safe to say Bonang brand is bigger than CocaCola brand in the country".

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