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Sinzu Slams Fake Friends Who Thought He Will Rot In US Jail

Sauce Kid now Sinzu who just gained  freedom few months ago after serving 2 years jail term in the US has blasted his friends who thought he will never gain freedom. According to him, he wrote letters to a couple of his friends, but none of them replied him.

He also spoke about him leaving the game, taking a break, but nothing has changed. It would be recalled that few weeks ago, Davido unveiled Sinzu in America as DMW act.

See Sinzu's reaction;

"Been chasin a check way b4 u even knew how/ left the game, took a break, u think that make me new? How/ feds locked me up, told dem suckaz I be right back/ wrote a couple friends but the fuckaz never write back/ fuck em.... #ZUFREE"

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