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Religious Judgements was the Major Problem I Encounter During Start Up - Jesse Josh (@shaygograffiti)

Jesse Josh is a young creative art director who makes art on everything. His works are diverse in nature as he expresses his mind on every surface as his canvas.

He is popularly known for his graffiti arts and the hamlord series which speaks of the northern heritage and richness in creativity that heals the mind.

MIKC: Tell us about you? 
Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): Jesse Josh is Ham by tribe from Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State, he is a graduate of mass communication from Kaduna State University who never really got the opportunity to study arts properly as a course. 

MIKC: How long have you been in business?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): Art to me has been a hobby and a natural gift from the age of 7, I started practicing art professionally in 2017 and I have been inspired by great artists like Garibaldi, Banksy, Laolu Senbanjo, Mike Dargas, Graffiti Kings and the likes.

MIKC: Can you tell us about the brand? 

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): About the brand (Shaygo Graffiti):

Born in 2015, but started operations fully in 2017. Born out of Jesse Josh's great passion for arts and vast creativity.

A brand that revolutionalized Graffiti in Kaduna State and pulled some reasonable attention of the people towards art which wasn’t the regular before now.

The name Shaygograffiti represents the originator's love for wall arts. The name is a combination of the originator’s tribal name (Shadua) and last name (Goje) which is a family name, used to signify originality and passion for Graffiti 

We basically deliver quality art products and services through the movement called ‘art on everything by Jesse Josh'. 

Versatility is a core part of our existence and we are always craving for more opportunities to beautify and bless the world through our creativity.

MIKC: Can you hint us about your entrepreneurship capabilities and possibilities?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): About entrepreneurship capabilities I say I have learned some skills from my late mom on how to immediately identify problems where you stand and provide solutions and then get paid for it. That has really taught me how to exist anywhere and grow in my business. For now that's it, I will leave the rest bragging rights to God's grace and future results to speak for me.

MIKC: What major problems did you encounter during start-up?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): I had issues with financing, religious judgements from friends and family, accommodation and even the right crowd who know the value of what we do. That is still a challenge, but we are hopeful and grateful so far.

MIKC: What are the chances of your business breaking more grounds internationally?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti):
I believe we have serious chances of being accepted internationally because we have been doing some exchange recently across boarders and we are hopeful that soon the world will hear us and accept us with all joy.

MIKC: What book do you think everyone who desires to succeed should read?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): I will advise them to read "The Secret" and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Very key!

MIKC: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Jesse Josh (Shaygo Graffiti): Spend more time with yourself and discover who you are, what you love and what makes you always happy, and then build on it gradually with patience and with time every other thing will follow.

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