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MYRO - PVC +(LYRICS) @yesmyro

On the wave of his New Single "Lagos Soweto", which is getting massive airplay and positive reviews, recently endorsed artist MYRO releases a very thought provoking track titled PVC. The video and song encourages individuals, mostly youths to have one voice towards the country's desired change and make use of their civic right, rather than just speak behind their devices and social media, but in actuality. And this step begins with registering for your Personal Voters Card.

On this track, MYRO shows his versatility by dropping hot bars


They lost their conscience
Right now
Na Superstory o
Suara Toyin Tomato
Yes Nobody sef holy o
My country no dey waka 
E be like say she don get polio 
Love story gone sour
Break up Juliet and Romeo 
But I still love her green and white flow 
Tell me 
Me never see with my own eyes before 
Primary 5 
Leader of tomorrow
Tomorrow don show
Riding in my mustang 
With a mustache 
Friends with the beard gang 
It’s all BS with the masters
Cos We 
slave to the masters
Peep through, 
We barely live through
18k minimum wage 
How we go take dey manage
To the Bad boys wey Dey run with the mace 
and we go dey hail dem 
Even if na ish dem dey yan all day 
You better
Grab your pvc 
if your don reach the vote age
Even if you too lazy 
Crawl to the booth 
On that day 
So we go
open a new page 
New age 
I’m not a sage 
But I spit these words
Cos the pain don rip my rib cage.

and wait a minute 
This time around Take the bag of rice
The cash,
The Meat and everything They give you right 
But use your OT to vote right
We owe the future generation 
Free education 
No tribal segregation 
So ya
Boo no go dey fly go jand 
For Medicare 
Make Nigeria Great again
Grab your pvc 
Grab your pvc 
Grab your pvc!

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