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My Brand is Modernizing the Nigerian Traditional Outfits - Sahmien (CEO, MMK by Sahmien)

Today on MadeIn KrockCity Kaduna-based entrepreneurs interview segment, we shall be interviewing the CEO of MMK by Sahmien, Mr. Muh'd Sahmien.

MIKC: Tell us about you? 

Sahmien: Hmmm!!! I am Muh'd Sahmien by name, I will be 29 on 23rd of June, 2018. I am Kanuri from Maiduguri; but born and raised in Kaduna. I had my degree in 2013 from UNIMAID.

Growing up as a kid, I did not have toys, I love playing with pencils, markers and papers. I sketch female outfits (picking my mums head-tie to copy the prints and make styles). But as I grow, I started making my own Khaftans, I will go to a tailor with my sketchbook and tell him what I want. I was wearing my own styles(that's where Me & My Khaftans came about) and people are loving it, I guess that pushed the business button in me.

MIKC: Can you tell us about the brand? 

Sahmien: MMK by Sahmien is a male northern fashion brand, MMK means Me and My Khaftans. So from the meaning, you can tell its all about Khaftans, and you know Khaftan is a northern tradition outfit, but our Khaftan is the Modernized Khaftan breaking away from the normal traditional cultural khaftan.

MIKC: How long have you been in business? 

Sahmien: Officially 3 years now!

MIKC: To what do you attribute your success?

Sahmien: Alhamdulillah!!! All praises to ALLAH and when you keep pushing towards what you want, you shall be there one day!

MIKC: Can you hint us about your entrepreneurship capabilities and possibilities?

Sahmien: As an entrepreneur, I am all up for the risk, I see business as finding solutions to the society not just after the profits. That's why MMK by Sahmien is diverting to JUST ready to wear, the truth is men Khaftan ready to wear is nowhere to be found. A lady can stop by any Clothing outlet and could go out with a piece for an event, but hardly can you find an outlet for guys Khaftan with such. So I am working towards a Khaftan Boutique in the north.

MIKC: What are the chances of your business breaking more grounds internationally?

Sahmien: I think the fact that we try in Modernizing the normal traditional outfit. Why we are different from others is because we “khaftanize” any English outfit we come across. Example making a Khaftan shirt, imagine a knee-length shirt with all the buttons.

MIKC: Who do you look up to in Nigeria?

Sahmien: Mai Atafo.

MIKC: What book do you think everyone on the team should read?


MIKC: What major problems did you encounter during start-up?

Sahmien: Hahahahahah Tailors!!! Making someone you work with understand what and how you want to operate is the hardest thing ever. But Alhamdulillah with time things get better.
MIKC: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Sahmien: I always encourage people to be themselves. I can't start a brand by copying styles, I rather copy how they operate than copy a finished piece.

MIKC: Thank you so much for your time Mr Sahmien, we wish you all the best.

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