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Kaduna State Governor, El-Rufai Makes Moves To Set Up A Vlisco Textile Park In The State

The Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai today, was at the Headquarters of Vlisco in Helmond, Nertherlands, for a meeting with the CEO, David Suddens and his team to strengthen earlier discussions on setting up a Vlisco Textile Park in Kaduna State.

The Vlisco Group designs, produces and distributes fashion fabrics for the West and Central African market and African consumers in global metropolitan cities. Founded in Helmond , The Netherlands, in 1846, the Vlisco Group and their fabrics have grown into an essential part of African culture, receiving widespread attention from the art, design and fashion worlds. Vlisco Group's brand portfolio consists of four brands:

Vlisco, Woodin, Uniwax and GTP. The company's head office, as well as the design and production facilities for the Vlisco brand, are located in Helmond. For the other brands these facilities are based in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The Vlisco Group has eight sales offices in numerous African countries and around 2,700 employees, (900 in The Netherlands and 1800 in Africa).

This move by the Kaduna State Governor if achieved, will help create employment and boost the state's economy.

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