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Shabach is a Hebrew word that means shoot out of Space (To shout out praise to the lord). According to Jerry Swansidi one of the pioneers, Shabach started in 2016 when he  traveled to study. In the course of acquiring knowledge, he met his friend, Pastor John who introduced him to some missionaries who keyed into the idea.

During the event, there will be breakout conference where they will impact in people. Some of the missionaries revealed that they have traveled a long way and have been planning for a longtime to organise  this conference. The missionaries said that they love Nigeria and the people of Nigeria, their first friends are Pastor John and Pastor Jerry. They added that Nigerians are hospitality people and also struck by the courage of Nigerian People. They believe that the Church in Nigeria is alive and is thriving.

During the conference, they are going to equip and train pastor and worship leaders because they believe in Pastor Jerry and the church.

Breakout Session
Session 2

Media and Production
Ministry of worship pastor
Base and Beat 
Vocals in worship
Guitar and worship
Women in Worship

Session 3

Pastor and Worship leader
Media and Production
The Role of the worship team

When asked by Tokkida Semlek if there are plans to host more of Shabach, the missionaries said that they would love to host more conferences and to see how they can impact in the people of Nigeria and this is the first one its a privilege to be hosted in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Shabach Conference 2018 is billed to take place as follows;
Date: 9th to 10th June, 2018.
Venue: ECWA English Service  (Blue Roof), Wilson Road Beside Ostrich Bakery, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna.


Rev. Dr. Nehemiah Maji  (Host)
Rev. John Durham  (Guest Speaker)
Pastor Jared Billups (Guest Worship Leader)
Audrey Wauson (Vocals)
Blake Best  (Sound And Media)
Paul Pauley  (Media)
Jordan Greer  (Guitar)
Shane Davis  (Vocals)
Madi King  (Vocals)
Josh Ebbe  (Bass Guitar)
Josh Adams  (Drums)
Matt Kefford (Keys)
Jerry Swansidi  (Vocals)
John David  (Word)

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For more enquiries;

SMS +234 7030 738 506

See y'all at #Shabach2018

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