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Audu Maikori, Nigerian Senators React To Ras Kimono's Demise

Legendary Nigerian reggae artiste Ukeleke Onwubuya largely known as "Ras Kimono" died yesterday at 60. His fans, family and friends have reacted to his demise with worded condolence messages. Patriot, renowned lawyer, entrepreneur and influencer, Audu Maikori has reacted to his death saying that he grew up listening to Ras Kimono who defined the sound of the 80s in Nigeria.

Audu Maikori: "I grew up listening to  #RasKimono. Classics like " Gimme little sugar" " Rhumba Style" "whata Gwan" defined the sound of the 80's in Nigeria -which was mix of advocacy , pop and social consciousness. Rest In Peace Sir #RasKimono 🙏🏾. We mourn with your family & Nigeria."

Senator Shehu Sani has also described The Late Ras Kimono as a revolutionary singer who used music for political awakening.

Shehu Sani: "Ras Kimono;He made an immeasurable contribution in the field of arts.He used music for political awakening.He was not a praise singer for the establishment.His songs were for the poor and for his country.Adieu."

Senator Ben Bruce in his own condolence message said that Ras Kimono cannot be replaced.

Ben Bruce: "I feel so sad hearing about the death of reggae legend, Ras Kimono. He redefined the face of music and there will be none like him. He will be dearly missed."

R.I.P Ras Kimono!!!

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