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African Prints And History Influences My Design - Victor G Bobai

Today on MadeIn KrockCity Kaduna-based entrepreneurs interview segment, we shall be interviewing the CEO of 3reeRepublic Mr Victor G. Bobai

MIKC: Tell us about you?
Victor of 3reeRepublic: I am Victor G. Bobai. A fashion designer lover of art  and music. Art inspires me so much especially African prints and history which influences most of my designs..

MIKC: The brand?
Victor of 3reec Republic: 3reec Republic is a clothing brand with specialty on male outfits (casual, corporate and African wear) with emphasis on details and finishing. We offer Bespoke tailoring services of Khaftans and suits, we do bulk jobs for company staff uniforms and also 3reec Timeline (3TL) a street wear brand under 3reec which produces T-shirt jackets, hoodies, sweatpants and branding.

MIKC: How long have you been in business?
Victor of 3reec Republic: I started customizing denim jackets in 2012.

That's how the business started and wow it's been 6 years already it's been an interesting journey so far the challenges, experiences good and bad [laughs].. The support from people around us that purchased and referred others. That helped us grow!

MIKC: Can you hint us about your entrepreneurship capabilities and possibilities?
Victor of 3reec Republic: Well, it's something I learnt informally while growing up and then through apprenticeship, you never know enough because I am still learning. Everyday comes with a different challenge and requires a new approach.

Entrepreneur Possibilities, I am open- minded to business opportunities as long as it's legal.  [Laughs]

MIKC: How did you deal with any perceived risk prior to start-up?
Victor of 3reec Republic: Just determination to grow, I see success as a growing process so by putting effort to be better than yesterday no matter the challenges... In business, we can foresee the Risk involved so I tried to play safe especially during startup.

MIKC: What major problems did you encounter during start-up?
Victor of 3reec Republic: I didn't have the basic machines, so production was slow and I was working alone without assistance, and I was the delivery guy as well.

MIKC: To what do you attribute your success?
Victor of 3reec Republic: God's grace, couldn't have done it on my own...  And of course I had to put in work and keep the believe.

MIKC: What are the chances of your business breaking more grounds internationally?
Victor of 3reec Republic: Well, that's the dream, it's just a matter of time because we are growing everyday as a brand.

MIKC: What book do you think everyone on the team should read?
Victor of 3reec Republic: "Rules of Work" by Richard Templar.

MIKC: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 
Victor of 3reec Republic: First of all you got to be ready to work, having ideas isn't enough and have self-belief and faith in God.

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