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Torchlight Bearer, Zaaki Azzay Speaks On Insecurity In Kaduna And Other Parts of The North

Veteran Hip Hop Artiste, Songwriter, Music Producer, TV Presenter and Human Rights Ambassador, Zaaki Azzay has voiced out his opinion on the insecurity challenges in Kaduna State, Benue State his home town and Plateau State. The torchlight bearer complained about how dreadful Kaduna State which was a hub of peace has become lately.

He said that Nigeria needs to be changed.

He said, "I must say that words cannot express how sad I feel. I was born and brought up in Kaduna State and I remember how peaceful Kaduna used to be before it was turned upside-down. The same way they are trying to to with Benue State now; Plateau State was one of the most peaceful states in the North, but today, it is not like that again. It is like a trend.

"Kaduna State has been destroyed because the Kaduna State of today is not the Kaduna we used to know. Plateau State today is not the Plateau State we used to know; it has been destroyed. Now it is Benue State. So, it is like a deliberate thing that is going on."

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