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Skales Blasts President Buhari For Calling Nigerian Youths Lazy Youths, Says Buhari Must Go

Reactions have been trailing President Muhammadu Buhari's comments over Nigerian youths labeling them as lazy youths despite the hardship in his administration. Nigerian youths are agrieved over his judgment and they have been pouring their anger on social media platforms.

Baseline act, Skales who is a strong anti-Buhari person took to twitter to blast Buhari.

See tweets below;

"Dear nigerian youths d power is in ur hands..go get ur pvc vote ds man out .if ure a youth & u kno d struggle u go thru to survive in this country you'll kno our always on tour president dat has no idea bout what is goin on in d country just insulted we the youths that he failed"

"Tell me one thing as a president that Buhari has achieved part from falling ill everytime rats entered aso rock lol presidential villa what a damn shame .my fellow youths wake up...get ur pvc our president loves to crack jokes and he just took it far by insulting us youths."

"Pls it's more than tweets and hashtags or whatever pls go get ur pvc this man out ....we nigerian youths are not lazy ..the president made life more difficult for us ...pls go get ur pvc."

"Buhari must go ....we are not lazy Nigerian youth .... worst regime ever go get ur pvc".

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