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I Almost Quit Music Due to DepressionIn 2008 - Banky W

Popular Nigerian singer Banky W, ho can be considered as one of the top music artistes in Africa, could have been just an individual that is relatively unknown if not for persistence and endurance.

According to the Lagos Party crooner, there was  time he was so much depressed that he contemplated quitting music.

Sometimes referred to as the king of R ‘n’ B in Nigeria, Banky W revealed that he has had three cancer operations; he has been robbed, kidnapped and his house has caught fire but  all these, he is still waxing strong.

The singer made this revelation during a radio programme and explained how he was robbed and kidnapped for about 45 minutes on the first day of 2009.

"All the money that I had saved for my music, I had spent on marketing, videos and other things. On the last day of December 2008, I realised that these things were not working out well for me because I had high hopes when I was returning to Nigeria from America.'

"I believed that I would be the greatest artiste in the world till reality set in. I went to church for new year service as I always do and I prayed to God telling him that things were not working out fine for me. I even wrote down my prayer point, telling God what I wanted."

"As I left the church, I got accosted by armed robbers at about past 1 am and that was the worst 45 minutes of my life. They drove around and demanded that I withdraw money from my account for them."

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