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Copyright Alert: Skales Calls Out Don Toffy For Stealing His Work

Baseline Frontline act, Skales is damn angry at singer, Don Toffy who he accused of stealing his record beat for his song; "For You" and some of his creative efforts to make a full-fledged record titled; "Anything For The Mulla" and uploaded it on streaming platforms. Skales called Don Toffy a lazy artiste and threatened to sue him and his record label if he doesn't take down the work off the internet. 

Skales said he spent quality time in the studio with his producer to make the beat only for Don Toffy to steal his effort without his consent. According to the "O'Crazy" singer, the act by Don Toffy is an infringement on his creative property and justice must be done.

Skales took to twitter to blast Don Toffy by calling him all sorts of theft-related names.

See his tweets below;

" @dontuffyplugg and u no fear dey sell am on streaming platforms are u ok? Be creative u dint have to steal my beat record on it add stuff and sell it if it was for free we would be cool ...ur bloody dumb ass better take that shit down whith ur lazy ass @echotheguru @DChopstix"

" It's crazy how lazy an artiste can be to steal someone's creativity and sell it .... u go hear from me in a bit"

" It's only in this part of the world this b.s is tolerated I won't take ds know wat I go thru puting our music and making music so someone cannot come and be making money with me hardwork".

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