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Music Premier: Newbrid - Iyawo

After a successful last Single TAKE SENSE off the much anticipated DAYBREAK EPNEWBRID releases a brand new single off their sophomore EP titled "IYAWO". Produced by Jesse Beatz.

See Lyrics below;

A virtuous woman they say who can find 
Now that I've found you girl I'm never letting go. 
Even you don't know how much you mean to me 
Let the whole world burn I will still stand by you. 
Me lie for you (Lai Lai) 
Fall your hand (Lai Lai) 
Am I stupid not to know say na you be the one
Me lie for you (Lai Lai) 
Fall your hand (Lai Lai)
You're my, favor you're my blessing 
And it's my heart you have won.


I call you my sweetness like no other, I call you my Life
(Iyawo na only you o) 
Na you be my princess, na you be my baby, na you be my wife 
(Omalicha your love carry me go oo)

Smiles are like the rainbow oooO! 
God bless the day you came
Hold me tight and never let go oooO! 
With you am not the same 
Looka mi life turning brighter 
Love rays on me and mi frowning turning laughter, your love tickles me,  ooo! Na na, ooo! Na na,  am so in love. So ama tell the the world,  about your love,  about the way you care for me you hold me tight you pray for me,  no longer bored since you came along, like a diamond in the sky my twinkle twinkle little star.

Baby trust me I can speak truth
You spice up like Maggie cube 
I was hell broke and was falling but be side me girl you still stood
For just me you will look good 
My stomach no dey miss food
The money I give you to make your hair 
Na  money wey you carry cook soup.

Chaii!!! Girl you're such a lover 
Where you're from I ponder 
You're the first angel my eyes will ever see without wings or feather 
Wait... Did you fall from heaven?
Or you were been born by your mother?
Cause your love is fresh so brand new like you just comot from leather.  Girl anything for you 
If there is need I'll kill for you
I dey form macho man but if you leave me go 
I will cry for you
I'll cross seven seas for you 
Buy the finest things for you 
Baby I'll climb up Kilimanjaro look down and fly for you

Cos you're my bae
You deserve all my pay
I don care what they say
You bring joy to my way
I like the way you slay
Fine girl no Mary Kay
And for me you always pray that's why I call you bae

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