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God, A Bit Of Luck, Hardwork And Consistency Brought Me To Where I Am Today - P-son On #VibesWithRaj (Interview)

Hello vibes fam. We on Vibes With Raj and this time we decide to feature one of crock City's Finest award winning Artist P-son, Aka Michael Faraday, Aka Star Boy P, Aka Mr Lover Boy. Pson has created a niche for himself over the years in the middle belt area and other parts of Nigeria. In this interview, he talked about how he started off as an artist, releasing hit songs back to back and his plans so far

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Good day Starboy P. Its good to have you on our platform "Vibes With Raj"
Kindly introduce your self proper, who is P-son?

Good day Raj, My name is Onesimus ishaku Abishidon, I was born in Cameroun raised in kaduna Nigeria, P-son is my stage name which means Preachers Son, i'm an rnb artiste, i also do afro beats, hip pop, dance hall

P-son has become a household name in the middle belt area of Nigeria, tell us how where you able to achieve this feat?

okay first and foremost I will say it's been God, a bit of luck, hardwork & consistency because I remembered how I started and were I am today, I think God has been faithful

Going back to your early days, how did you started off as an artist?

I started music from church in Sunday school, I was really shy, my teacher noticed I had a good voice so he puts me to always lead the front line, I later got to secondary school were I joined the literary club. The following year I was nominated the music leader, a year after I became the president of the club, I became an artiste in 2009 were I performed at Kennis music easter fiesta in Lagos in 2010

You are currently repping (Made In Krockcity) MIkc, tell us, is there any formal deal or sigining?

Yeah we did a paper work sometime last year, the deal was for some months, which we are to review every year, I think I will stop here Lol you want to know everything

Your Two singles "Michael Faraday and your recent released song "No Lie" is a hit back to back, tell us how did you manage to deliver quality songs even if people have doubted that you can't drop a hit track after michael Faraday

Michael Faraday was really big, a lot of folks felt it was a try your luck thing, so I decided to take every doubter by surprise by doing a different genre from my previous single, I'm open to new ideas so it wasn't hard to come out with a bang, over the years I listened to a lot of good songs, so I knew I needed to beat my last record

Your song, "No Lie" is currently one of the most played song in Kaduna Radio stations clubs and other event, tell us who is behind this promotion?

My team of course, they really did a great job, making sure it gets to the people, and also my ever loving fans, they just keep sharing the song and Making online videos to hype and promote it. No Lie is a good song, and a good song is easy to promote

I recent had a chat with a kd Top artist, and he said Event planners don't respect kaduna artist that they don't pay artist for event performance, what can you say about this??

Of a truth I've been a victim at some point, if you look at it vividly the industry in Kaduna is broke we know but show a little bit of remorse in appreciating one's gift In the aspect of payment just few have been paying, or rather just few have been supporting our craft

Looking down on acts is normal here, Kaduna event organizers want you to go out and create a buzz before they pay you big, so am working towards something big for them, no be abroad them want? We go go operate from there Lol

Is the kaunda Entertainment Industry Competitive? If yes how are you handling it?
very competitive, last year the number of acts that emerged for the next rated category were phenomenal.
I listened to a lot of good acts, new songs from old acts, I took a while to drop a song because I was actually studying the industry, I believe the best way I can stay relevant is to carve a niche for myself create my own wave which I believe I did. Am the only acts they called the lover boy cuz my songs talk about love Lool

P-son is known as the lover boy in all your songs, in real life, are you into a relationship
As a matter of fact, I don't want to talk about that part, permit me to skip this one

You and Darey, CEO mikc have been good pals way back from secondary school, how did you guys manage to still being good friends without any dispute?

Trust me even if we have dispute you won't hear it, we are humans we are bound to have issues at some point, I feel we are both serious at everything we do that has been the bedrock of our friendship

Lets get into your playlist 

Give us a list of 5 Nigerian songs and 5 kaduna songs that your currently think is trending.

Nigerian Top artist songs
Tiwa Savage ft Wizkid ma love, Dice Ailise Otedola, Wizkid Manya, Davido Fia, Olamide Shaku Shaku

Kaduna artist songs
DMI all stars iyawo, Jaymun Tauraro, Jonny Wonder Highgrade, Dj Cinch Wo, P-son No Lie ft Fredie Bounce

2018 is another year, tell us your plans so far to dominate?
A lot of good songs, collaborations, tour, music videos and more

Nice having you here Mr p, any last words to your fans and other budding artist?
To my fans, thank you for your support thus far, I love you Big. To budding artiste, master your craft first, believe in yourself first, a bit of luck, patience, humility will keep you at the top, never settle for less, have a plan, works towards your plan
Believe me the sky is your starting point

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