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Integrity Test: Tokkida Returns Unexpected 800,000 Naira Transferred Into His Business Bank Account Amidst Wedding Preparations

One wrong transaction can make someone run from pillar to post especially when the recipient lacks integrity. For some, it is a miracle money, others will see it as a coincidence when the are gearing up for a major event with monetary involvement. Only today, popular talent manager, events planner, PR and the C.E.O Tok86 International Concept, Tokkida Semlek who is seriously planning for his wedding in the month of March received an unexpected bank alert of 800,000 Naira in his business account, but his integrity was on alert to return the money.

The Kaduna-born entrepreneur and founder of Gospelite Music Awards proved his integrity in a situation which is so tempting considering the closeness of his wedding.
It is very rare to find people like Tokkida Semlek in Nigeria.

Tokkida wrote:
"Today, my integrity was proven..........
N800,000 was mistakenly paid into my Company's [Tok86 Int'l Concept)] account at a time, i needed money for my wedding ceremony [3rd March].
When I saw the Credit alert, I knew it wasn't for me or my business. 
I knew it was an error.

Immediately, I got a credit alert (error) notification call by the  person.
If it was you,  what will you do?
I quickly told my friend Mr Peculiar and he volunteered to drop me at the nearest bank.
The owner has received and confirmed his money.
It gladden me that I value integrity.
Some persons may say,  OH! This is miracle money. Hell No!!! 
Don't eat what doesn't belong to you.

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