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In 2018 I Won't Just Be A Rapper But Also A Hit maker - Vonjay

Vonjay who has moved back to Ghana to continue his studies, reveals to MIKC blog reasons why he has been silent for a while and also his plans for 2018.

MIKC: What's up with your music career, you seemed quiet bro?

Vonjay: I've been on a lil break coz I needed to work on myself, I have my own studio now so basically I've been  making my own music, producing and being my own sound engineer, next month, I'm gonna drop new tracks surely.

MIKC: So what does 2018 holds for the brand Vonjay?

Vonjay: In 2018, Vonjay isn't only a rapper, but a hit maker coz I'm gonna be revealing different sides of me through music.

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