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I Am Dropping The Best Video Out of Arewa - DJ Cinch On WO (Arewa Cover) Video

DJ Cinch decided to open 2018 with some explosive new promotional pictures and part of things to tease fans with before dropping the WO (Arewa Cover) Video.

Below, DJ Cinch sheds light on what fans are to expect from the video.

"I know much is being expected from me this year from my fans and well wishers, therefore, I've been working tirelessly to give my fans the best, starting from Arewa WO cover video that we just shot, my fans should expect nothing less than the best video out of Arewa, cos me and my team made sure we used the best of equipment's available, dancers and locations".

He added that;

"We also gave it to one of the best video editors for the final editing and colour grading, the video will be out by next month God's willing. Keep supporting the DJ Cinch, I love you all!!!"

Dear DJ Cinch, Krock Citizens and entire Arewa can't wait to see the video!!!

See Dj Cinch New Promotional Pictures Below

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