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"Ga Lemu" is one of the First Trap Song ever Recorded in Nigeria - Nifty Breezy

Nifty as we all know, is one amongst others who has proven to be a lyrical genius, back in April 2017 he released his "Nexpectation EP" and another single titled 'Summary'. Nifty as fondly called by fans turned back the hands of time as he made a sample of "Ga Lemu" a song originally owned by the legendary Mallam Ibrahim Baba aka Funkiest Mallam.

'Ga Lemu' is a song to vibe to as he predominantly fuses Hausa and English all built on his sublime delivery.

In a recent chat with with your favorite Northside blog MIKC Blog, Nifty Breezy disclosed the reason and ideas behind "Ga Lemu" Cover

Nifty Breezy: The song "Ga Lemu" which is originally owned by Mallam Ibrahim Baba aka  Funky Mallam is a song I so much love and I realize that many people out there were once in love with that particular song.

Trap music on the other hand is the new wave that has taken over the music industry for a couple of years now and permit me to say Ga Lemu is one of the first trap song ever recorded in this country. So I felt it'll be great to modernize and bring back that sound people once vibe to. I thought about all that within a few minutes and then I got in the booth and dropped it like it's hot lol. But the most amazing thing I'll say about my version of Ga Lemu is that it was actually a freestyle!

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