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Sometimes Success Can Be A Curse – Audu Maikori Shares Success Tips

Highly respected motivational speaker, life teacher and boss, Audu Maikori has outlined a good number of success tips to help young people not to derail in the journey of life. In his inspirational words, the Chocolate City boss addressed the way successful people wrongly handle their accolades  and end it abruptly.

He advised that people should focus on meaningful impact and not accolades in order to succeed and achieve their goals. The human rights activist also wrote about understanding flaws and picking up from previous mistakes.

Audu Maikori Wrote:

"Sometimes success can be a curse....because "successful " people get accolades then begin to believe their own hype and become pompous, overlooking things , taking things for granted, and in that process make grave mistakes... I've been down that road before and my failure has taught me not to dwell on past successes but be diligent in future projects , to not focus on accolades but on meaningful impact for me and others , to focus on we not me....and most importantly understand that failure is a chance to learn and improve for next time.. while success if not handled properly can be your undoing. Photo credit courtesy of @jehimuan and @google #dontletitgettoyourhead #canigetawitness."

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