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I Will Be Seen With Secular Artists – Rymboxx Goes Raw

Obviously, this is instigated by the viral argument about Hip Hop goddess, Nicki Minaj being featured by gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs. The argument took another twist few days ago among gospel singers in Kaduna following a post on Facebook by one of the big names in the city.

However, the argument has generated series of opinion which has embittered some gospel singers who mingle and do music with secular acts.

The latest post in connection with the argument is from Rymboxx who gave a strong statement about the whole thing based on personal terms.

In his words:

"I am a gospel singer. I believe in Jesus Christ. I will not deviate from the gospel of Christ and i will preach it as long as i draw breathe, by the Grace of God.

But if any man expect me to live by the standards and rules that are set by man, i will most definitely disappoint you.
I will be seen with secular artists. I will work and interact with them.

If you have a problem with this, feel free to play God and pass your judgement upon me at any point in time.
Let religion guide and blind you from focusing on your relationship with God".

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