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Videos and multiple reports making rounds on social media have revealed that Pastor Paul Adefarasin's House of Rock in Abuja is currently on fire.
The church on fire
The House on the Rock Church in Abuja is currently on fire.
The church which is founded by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, is one of the foremost Pentecostal Ministries in Nigeria with branches across the country and beyond.
It is not yet clear what caused the inferno, but the church building, located at airport road Abuja, is being consumed by the fire which appeared to have started Sunday afternoon after worshippers had vacated the premises.
Firefighters in the Federal Capital Territory are yet to arrive at the scene as at the time of filing this report, with passersby helplessly watching on.
Watch the video of the fire below.

Stylish Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, covers this latest issue of ThisDay Style magazine and is the ultimate poster girl in a dreamy spread for the cover feature.
Self acclaimed richest and most popular blogger in Africa, Linda Ikeji is absolutely stunning for the latest issue of ThisDay Style Magazine.
The millionaire blogger and media entrepreneur, who was shot by celebrity photographer, TY Bello and styled by Moashy Styling served major Hollywood glam in the new issue.
Linda shared the photos of the cover feature on her blog and wrote; "So yours truly is the cover girl for this Sunday's Thisday Style. It's the best photoshoot I feel I've done and its all thanks to the genius called TY Bello. The shoot was done at my house two weeks ago and the result is stunning, even if I have to say so"
As is her tradition, TY Bello also shared a personal story after shooting Linda on the project, read below;
"LINDA IKEJI: So I remember a short moment I had during @officiallindaikeji ‘s shoot …we were all in her bathroom .. she ..reclined beautifully in that tub .. surrounded by the beauty team ..every one was readjusting something .. making sure it is was all perfect .. but her phone was never far .. I noticed she found moments to work .. in the middle of our drama .. I was then transported into a moment in her life over a decade ago when someone asked what she did .. and the look of confusion and worse ..concern when she retorted .. ‘ I’m a blogger … I blog ‘.

"I know that confused – concerned-almost -condescending look I got when people didn’t understand my answer .

"I remember sitting in a car in 2001 and an older aunty asked me .. what’s that ‘thing ‘ you said you do again ….’photography ‘ abi… ?everything about her tone put inverted commas on the word . But I stayed engaged because I knew she was genuinely interested and somewhat concerned… I answered yes and then she responded.. You’re living your dreams .. abi? And before my goggly eyed self could respond, she jerked me forward with a loud …WAKE UP!!!!! .. I’ll never forget .. Not necessarily the conversation itself but the conversations I had with my self afterwards .. I was so shaken .. no one had spoken so direct .most people just figured it was best to give me time to figure life out … till I get a real job.

In that conversation.. I did WAKE UP .. to the truth that I had made a choice .. I was going to live as a CREATIVE … and that it wasn’t something to .. ‘see where this goes’.. this was going to be LIFE .my future .., so from that conversation .. I chose to give it EVERYTHING !Every once in a while I still yell at my self .. WAKE UP!!! And I ask my self the real questions .Im I giving it EVERYTHING!! For to live the life of my dreams … I must do it COMPLETELY AWAKE.

Special thanks to @officiallindaikeji for letting us into her beautiful space and being such an amazing host .. and to the dream team that worked on this .. etidunju.


Handsome Nigerian singer of South-east descent has discussed his relationship with singer Chidinma amidst other issues relating to music, family life and his lifestyle in a recent interview.
Popular singer, Chinedu Okoli, aka Flavour N’abania, speaks to Tofarati Ige of Punch newspaper about his career.
Can you recall how you started your music career?
I have always loved everything about music from an early age. I actually started out playing drums for a live band at the age of 15. After that, I started playing the keyboard and from there, I began singing. I later got a scholarship to study music and that is how I developed as a musician.
What was the reaction of your parents?
You know parents are usually wary of the entertainment industry because they feel a lot of immoral things happen there. But the music scholarship that I got really helped me. It taught me a lot about the job and how to be a professional. I had a particular director who told me that people usually think that musicians are wayward, irresponsible and ostentatious. He also told me that if I want to make a difference in my career, I have to be responsible, disciplined, and constantly hone my skill. Talent is never enough as one has to put in a lot of work as well.
What was your experience like when you started your career in the eastern part of the country?
It was wonderful and I had a good time then. I used to perform with a live band at different places and people loved it. I was already popular in the East before I decided to relocate to Lagos and start afresh. I had to leave everything behind and start from the scratch in Lagos. I even had a car back then but when I came to Lagos, I arrived with just a bag. It was quite tough in the early stage but because I had made up my mind never to give up until I achieved my dream, I kept working hard at it. I’m thankful that I have become an international star now.
What are the qualities that have been working for you over time?
I would say it’s discipline, hard work and the grace of God. I know that I still have a lot of things ahead of me, so I try to manage myself. I don’t have to give all of myself now when I still have many more years to live. I also have to maintain the standard. Getting there is not the problem; it is about staying there, so I need my discipline game to be 100 per cent. I also ensure I work every day and give the people what they want to hear. Right from the onset, I have always sought to distinguish myself and set myself apart from the rest. I have never compromised on my originality and I always make sure that I am down to earth. If you look at all my albums, you will see that I keep improving. I strive to do better than what I had done before. And I believe that’s the secret to success; if you are original and humble, you will always be reckoned with. Even though the money is good, it is not really about that for me; I care more about the art. I work in the studio virtually every day.
What are you working on at the moment?
I will be releasing my fifth studio album soon.
Would you be having international collaborations on it?
Yes, there are some though I cannot reveal much about that for now.

What do you regard as your selling point as an artiste?
I think it is for the fans to say but I think it’s everything about me, Ijele.
You’re seen as some sort of s*x symbol, how does that make you feel?
It feels great and it is a motivation for me to keep working hard on my music and also my body. I visit the gym three times in a week even with my busy schedule. Though it is not easy, it is what I have to do.
Yemi Alade once said she has a crush on you, do you feel the same way about her?
Yemi Alade is a very fantastic talent and she is a hard-working woman as well. I admire her a lot as an artiste.
At a point, you were also quite close to Chidinma; is she someone you can date?
These people you are mentioning are colleagues that I respect a lot. We have had opportunity to work several times in the past and I wouldn’t deny that we have a good chemistry.

What’s your relationship with your baby mamas and children?
I have a wonderful relationship with my children and I love them so much. I am also on good terms with their mothers and everything is fine.
Do you sometimes wish things didn’t actually go that way?
There is no point regretting anything in life. Whatever will be will be. I can only do my best at all times.
What kind of woman does Flavour like?
I love a woman who is not fake; she has to be natural at all times. She has to be someone who knows the difference between Flavour and Chinedu. To cap it all, she must be God-fearing.
What’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had with a fan?
I have had so many crazy experiences with fans. But it’s all good because I know they appreciate me even though they could be crazy about the way they show it sometimes. The way they express it might not be the way one wants it at that moment but at the end of the day, it’s all about love. There have been times I go to some African countries to perform and the stadiums are usually filled up, with some people even crying. That makes me emotional because it shows that there is nobody that cannot make it, despite the background. I appreciate the fans always.
How do you prepare yourself before going on stage?
There’s no special preparation that I do. I always just try to be myself in whatever I’m doing. I just free myself and make sure I give the fans a good time. I have had a lot of performances over the years and I try to get better over the years. And I think I have been able to do well in that regard. I also love to perform with my live band whenever I can.
How do you draw your inspiration?
I get inspiration from the people around me. Right from time, I always relate with people who are older and more experienced than I am. That way, I get to learn a lot of important things. I like original and creative people who I can tap from. I also draw inspiration from the things that happen around me, or from what I read. I am never in a hurry when writing songs; I love to take my time and get it right. If I don’t feel a connection with the lyrics and beat of a song, I wouldn’t release it. I see a song as a piece of art or like when you are cooking a pot of soup. Every ingredient has to be in the right proportion for it to come out well. And that’s what I do.

What has stardom robbed you off?
Stardom has robbed me of a lot of things but I believe that, in life, there is no gain without pain. Ordinarily, I love to lead a simple life but that’s not possible anymore. As human beings, there could also be times that I’m dealing with some personal issues but people wouldn’t want to know. They would expect you to be smiling all the time; and if you don’t, they would accuse you of being proud and snobbish. But the beautiful thing is that I am living my dream.
Do you have plans to bring up new talents like some of your colleagues are doing?
Yes, it is something I have always wanted to do. But the industry is not well set up; the African music scene is still growing. I wouldn’t want to sign deals with people and have issues with them later.

What kind of issues?
It’s common around here to have contract breaches and other things like that. And there really isn’t anything in place to protect your investment.
How do you like to dress?
I always love to appear classy at all times. I also like clothes that show off my muscle because I do a lot of hard work to have bulging biceps.
Apart from music, what other interests do you have?
I love football and if not for music, I’m sure I would have become a footballer.

How do you unwind?
I watch football a lot and I also play video games.

Popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele, who has been accused of being barren, might be expecting twins with her rapper husband, JJC Skillz.
JJC & Funke
From all indications, it seems that popular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele a.k.a Jenifa, and her rapper husband, JJC Skillz, who got married in a super secret affair in the UK last year, maybe expecting their first kids together.
JJC Skillz took to his Instagram page to share the good news and wrote;
"Amen amen amen. God I receive your wonderful news in praise. To God be the glory  you will be called a mother by your beautiful miraculous twins @funkejenifaakindele my queen and wonderful mother of my children to be."
It was gathered that during last night's Halleluyah Challenge, Funke specifically thanked God for safe delivery as well as for conception. 
JJC Skillz who is already a father to three beautiful kids from different women in he UK, has already deleted the post from his Instagram page.

Muhammadu Sanusi II, Emir of Kano, has suspended Bashir Ado Bayero, a son of his predecessor, Emir Ado Bayero for alleged disloyalty.
The Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi 11, has suspended another son of his predecessor, Emir Ado Bayero for disloyalty, DailyTrust reports.
The suspended son is Alhaji Bashir Ado Bayero, the  District Head of Takai Local Government, Alhaji Bashir Ado Bayero.
The suspended district head was also directed to appear before the palace disciplinary committee to decide the next line of action against him.
In the meantime, Sanusi has appointed Alhaji Mahmud Shattima as an interim administrator for the district, pending the recommendations of the disciplinary committee.
Bashir Ado Bayero is the second son of the late emir to be stripped of power  since the demise of their father. The first was the Ciroman Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Ado Bayero, who was removed on October 28, 2015 for a similar offence.
The Emirate Council’s Chief of Staff, Alhaji Munir Sanusi, said Bayero’s suspension followed his disrespect to the emir during one of the palace sittings.

“The suspended district head came to the palace one day to seek permission to travel to Saudi Arabia for medical check-up and after the emir granted his request, he then submitted the name of the person he wanted to supervise the district in his absence.

“But the emir rejected the name and directed him to notify the office of Wakilin Gabas of the trip so that he would appoint someone to supervise the district. It was at that point that Bayero showed disrespect to the emir in the presence of everybody, including the Dogarai,” he added.

While speaking in an exclusive interview, an APC chieftain representing Kano Central in the Senate, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, revealed that Nnamdi Kanu may contest in the 2019 election.
Senator Kwankwaso
A former governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, has said Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, may ride on his popularity to contest in the 2019 election.
Kwankwaso, an APC politician representing Kano Central in the Senate, also admonished South-East leaders to do more in dissociating themselves from Biafra agitation to prove they are truly for Nigeria’s unity.
He said: ”My understanding of the situation is that the people agitating in the South-East feel that they are better if they are given independence as Biafrans. All what they are saying, going by what we read in the newspapers, is the need for more appointments, more development and so on.

”If you look at appointments, you are just talking of a link, a very small aspect of a very big chain. To me, for one part of the country to be talking of secession because of appointments, is going too far, and soon people start agitation for many reasons.

”May be this is what they are saying and something else may be in their minds. For those of us who have been in politics for some time, at least 25 years, and going by my personal experience across the country and beyond, you see, some people may start agitation because of their own personal interest.

”Some of them are politicians who want to start politicking and everybody has gotten his way of starting it. Before 1992, when I was a civil servant, I started politics through self-help, group activities and that was how I galvanised my constituency and local government.

”As I’m studying the body language, I wouldn’t be surprised, if the young man (Nnamdi Kanu) who is making this agitation, decides to contest election in the next political dispensation. That’s how so many of them started, they mobilise and, at the end of the day, they become heroes and champions and they will start championing their personal interest.

”We love them in Kano as they are very hard working people. The South-East leaders should come out to condemn the agitation by these Igbo young men for Biafra; maybe because they are afraid of the young men or because of possible attacks, they kept quiet.

”To keep quiet will not help anybody and that’s not the way to go. The way to go is for the elders to come out and say the right thing at the right time”, the Senator told Vanguard.

Curvy Nigerian actress and Special Adviser to the Kogi State governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Mercy Johnson thrilled a large audience with her twerking skills recently.
Mercy Johnson
Popular actress, Mercy Johnson, is physically endowed. Even though she has visited the labour room three times, she still has the kind of body that would make teenagers go green with envy.
The talented actress caused a stir recently when she wriggled her backside (twerked) while hosting a Glo Mega concert, in Anambra State. The video of the event went viral and while many of her fans commended her dancing skills, some argued that she shouldn’t have done that considering her status as a married woman.
Mercy Johnson twerking on stage
In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she defended her action. She said, “I was only having a good time on stage doing my job. I was the host of the show and we have been to different cities thrilling fans. Is it a crime for me to dance on stage because I’m a married woman? I wonder why people like to take things out of context. Anyway my husband is not complaining, so I don’t see why anybody else should be bothered about it.”

With the internet still boiling over artistes learning to live a not so flashy lifestyle so as not to affect the youths negatively, singer Kcee, isn’t subscribed to that school of thoughts as he has made it clear, showing off is in his DNA and no one can bully him into living differently.
In a recent chat with Saturday Beats, the LIMPOPO crooner, opened up about how he struggled to get to where he is today, despite many thinking he had finally arrived upon winning the Star Quest talent hunt show.
I left Ajegunle because we were unable to pay our house rent and the landlord threw us and our property out of the house. I was wearing only my boxers when the landlord threw us out of the house because we could not pay N70,000 for a three-bedroomed flat. My father started squatting with some people while my mother went to her sister’s house. My brother and I had to hustle. By then, we had won Star Quest so we had a rickety car, so we slept in the car. At the time they stole our car, things were tough because all our property was in the car. We were living from hotel to hotel and all we had was in the car. Sometimes we owed the hotels a lot of money which we paid after we had a show. To get shows then was even very hectic for Presh and I but we still believed that God would help us. By then, E-Money had to move on to learn how to be a freight agent. He later found his feet. Leaving Ajegunle was divine because I believe God sent the man to kick us out. After we left Ajegunle, we stayed in a room apartment in Ojodu before we got a place in Omole. After a while, E-Money started doing well and we bought a duplex in Omole, then he bought a piece of land and continued buying and the rest is history. The same thing with me; we grew up gradually and there was no time we were greedy to go into crime or defraud anyone.”
On his and brother E-Money’s flashy lifestyle and how it is possible the source of their money might be tinted, Kcee said:
“My brother is not into drugs or anything illegal. We are from a Christian home and we are very careful with our lifestyle and what we do. Our only weakness is that we show off. We like the good life. My brother is a hard worker. For about 17 years, people have been saying that we do drugs or 419 but why have we never been caught? Why haven’t we made a mistake? Why hasn’t someone come to expose us? When we had issues with some of our team members that left recently, a lot of people were waiting to hear that we were into illegality but they did not say that. My brother is a hard worker who is into clearing and forwarding, oil business, real estate, etc. He started from the scratch. He used to be my manager when I was with Presh but he left to start his own business. It is just the grace of God. When I was playing football, I was doing very well. I started with football and the first time I travelled out of this country, it was through football. I never saw music coming and it was something I did by the side. My brother and I laugh whenever people make statement like that. He does not do anything negative. If not, people would have come out to expose it. I am sorry but no one can make us change our lifestyle because it is in our DNA,” he said.

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze, has weighed in on the hottest news of the moment, ”artistes glorifying fraud”.
The OAP, took to IG to share his thoughts on the issue,e noting that he agrees and supports Falz, on this as indeed, many artistes, praise fraudsters with their songs.
He wrote:

I stand with @falzthebahdguy!

Its the glorification of Fraudsters that birthed the likes of Evans, and gave rise to the herds of moronic herbivores seeking his release!

Songs seemingly promoting fraud aren’t 9ice…….
Although 9ice, has come out to deny his song LIVING THINGS, many believe is the song, Falz, was referring to in his interview with HIP TV, the issue keeps getting hotter as even family members are beginning to air their views.

Few weeks back, singer Dammy Krane was arrested for credit card/identity theft, a case which saw him being locked up, bailed and now slammed with 7 felony charges with new information emerging that 7 different credit cards were found in his pocket upon his arrest.
The AMIN singer and a couple of other celebrities, since the incident, have however come out with poorly written speeches debunking the claim, stating he Dammy isn’t guilty, adding that the guy, he was arrested alongside, stole the cards.
A somewhat alarming twist cropped up few hours ago when Iconic singer 2baba,  weighed in on the credit card theft issue, stating categorically that Dammy’s arrest, can be tagged as a mere case of ”implication.”
Speaking glowingly about his ex-act, 2baba, said the entire issue happened due to Dammy associating with the wrong set of people, adding Dammy was implicated.
A post shared by HipTv (@officialhiptv) on

I honestly think this young man should focus on school rather than be apart of a topic of this magnitude, i guess its safe to say Falz was right.
Read his statement below 
” You know not the struggle!! So why speak ill of it please. How many futures have the yahoo boys destroyed abeg?
Shebi na judge they collect bribe for back even before court case and so na senior advocates never destroy futures?!! You speak of SOFT WORK.. Only GOD knows your own definition of SOFT WORk and why is nobody coming out to judge you for that term SOFT WORK person talk CHACHE you they complain shey na your lappy them they use?
….Because you are privileged to shine with MUSIC and not the witty occupation called LAW full of lies and deceit …Let’s take us back to the foreign music we listen to most of the musicians over there speak of drugs and ammunition just to tell the tale of their experiences but there wasn’t any foolish advocate or whatsoever
…MIND you every artist in this country is entitled to the kind of message they want to pass out there to their fans …so why complain bitterly out of ignorance …if you so want to help , first of remove the BHAD GUY in your name as it portrays a bad example to the young ones and please MR man avoid tapping ass In all your videos with those half Nakked girls !!!
Check your self properly before throwing shades at anybody!! Many are out there unprivileged, unlike you born with a silver spoon from a better school in Nigeria to schooling abroad !! While the poor masses are out here hawking pure water just to send their kids to school and yet they are still been harassed by law makers like your self ..
MY GUY the beautiful ones are not yet born as the country is full of corruption…even your PAPA gather do corruption if na lie ….make we investigate !!
Many awesome Yahoo boys and kind hearted artist are at least using those money to open foundations programs and helping the poor masses !!
They are the new generation ROBIN HOOD !! Stealing from the rich to feed the poor …at least BABA they don do something ……instead make you mind your state you they use media take they feed your hungry self with Pep talk …shebi na your mate send small boy go school still they build house for him parents ….how many people have you helped ?? BABA AMVCA with no lens …. “

Here is confirm certified new single by fast rising star Rockbully aka Dabless who is a native of Ogun state, and he's been consistent dropping multiple singles. This tune is definitely an announcement of his intent to take over the new school and rule the airwaves. 

Rockbully is one talented melodious musician with powerful vocal ability that you would want to listen to over and over again, He previously dropped his remarkable hit singles like BAMISE, GO DOWN, KILOFE featuring U.K. Base artist B-Mysterio and his last smash tune featuring Small Doctor the GBERA Crooner title HUSTLE produced by award winning Producer Lahlah smoke da music which took both Nigeria, Uk and the world by storm to mention few.

He's back with another amazing hit that will be on replay and it is tagged "BLESSINGS" produced by talented producer FMAX beat.

Stay connected to Rockbully aka Dabless on social media platforms as he set to drop another massive hit set to drop soon.

Instagram….. @rockbully 
Twitter….. @rockbullyidowu1 

Listen & Download "Rockbully Blessing's " below

One Of Nigeria's Most Sought After Voices "Ben Jossy " Aka The " Voice Of The Crying Singer" makes a huge come back With yet Another Classic Masterpiece dubbed "Little Boy".

Following an all round success of his previous chat topping efforts consecutively, the multi talented singer/ producer Ben Jossy decides to raise the bar with yet another mind blowing piece which apparently is his first major effort for 2017.  "Little Boy" is a reflection of his life in totality how the Divine Grace of God Almighty has transformed and transcended his story from grass to grace.

This is an highly inspirational and motivational tune with the dexterity of his vocals and his unique Afro soul sound, it sure surpasses all standards; and trust me this is way more than music, it's indeed an Experience, so brace yourself hit the listen and download button and enjoy this masterpiece and be blessed!

Connect with Ben Jossy 
Twitter:- @benjossy_vocs 
IG:- @benjossyofficial

​Our goal should be to build a united country with everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed, playing a part.
We must truly believe that, however valid our cause, it can only be achieved by peaceful means. 

In this cause Sani Danja teamed up with Danfo Driver to produce ​another Potential hit dubbed "​
United We Stand​"​.

​Listen, and Enjoy! God Bless Nigeria​..​

Nigerian raving afro pop singer Mophonik is back again with this new banger tagged "Tidy Up" produced by hit monster K.I. The song has the remedy to your worries as mophonik gifts us this lovely tune our from his store house of good music with special keys from K.I. Sit tight and enjoy it!!!
follow on twitter: @Mopho_nik 
and on Instagram @Mophonik Mophonik - Tidy Up (Prod By K.I)

The much anticipated Grateful tenth Studio album by the We The Best Music Consistent disc jockey DJ Khaled, the album sit at 23 Tracks and features Artists like Beyonce, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Quavo, Chance the rapper, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, to mention but few.
8. DOWNLOAD DJ Khaled – Interlude (Hallelujah) ft. Betty Wright
21. DOWNLOAD DJ Khaled – Interlude
22. DOWNLOAD DJ Khaled – Unchanging Love
23. DOWNLOAD DJ Khaled – Asahd Talk (Thank You Asahd)

Peter Okorie who goes by his stage name as '2POUNDS', He hails from Umunneochi LGA in Abia State
According to records he is the next rated artist trending right now, 
 I am not telling you to believe but am telling you what I've seen, 
He came up with a Video of one of his track titled "FEELINGS
 Prod by Yuzy Beat,
Directed by Music Master

This jam is a current dope jam gaining massive wave worldwide, 2Pounds is a very talented fast rising Afro Pop Artist and he sounds like Flavour,Tekno and Psquare.

Download, Watch, Comment and Share. 

BET has just announced Wizkid as Winner of the Best International Act – Africa Award in a special ceremony held in Los Angeles. It’s the Starboy’s 2nd win in this category, first taking home the award (alongside Sarkodie) back in 2012.
Nasty C has initially been accidentally announced as winner sometime last week, but BET quickly apologized for the “glitch”. Gotta admit they finally got it right!
Wizkid, however, wasn’t there to collect his award. More to follow…

“Issa Vibe” issa JAM!!!!
The world is obsessed with the African wave, as Afrobeats and all its fusions continue to show up in popular music and dance circuits across the world.
And back in Lagos, the capital of African music, Mystro is one of the main creators of music.
Much like Fela and a long generation of great musicians, Mystro is inspired by Jazz, and he has produced records for some of the biggest names from the continent. His credits read out like an African all-star list. A master record producer and recording artist, Mystro is staking his claim in the African space with this new record.
He returns with ‘Issa Vibe’, a bouncy pop song featuring RCA Records’ Davido. Over muscular drum kits and lush interjecting synths, the duo join vocals and create the perfect Afro vibe to flavor the summer.
“It’s craziness in the Lagos creative, with the international spotlight and the rise of Afrobeats worldwide” Mystro says.
“Issa Vibe’ just captures the upbeat vibe, which is the best part of the music. Working with Davido on this record was refreshing. It gave it a little something extra, which adds to the overall feel of the record.”
Follow @mystroofficiaal on all social media platforms.”

Vonjay is a Rapper, Songwriter and a Prolific Performer, was born in Kaduna originally from Zango Kataf local government. 

Currently based in Accra, Ghana  and also Completing his Bsc. Ports and shipping Management at Regional Maritime University. (300L) third year. 

started Music Professionally in 2009 and was basically influenced by Lecrae, Jin , M.I, Iceprince,  Lil Wayne and JayZ. 

"I just wanna orbit around the earth and spit my flows on it"

2Baba has released a new song to mark World Refugee Day. The song titled ‘Hold My Hand’ is a compassionate call to everyone to show love to one another especially those in need.
‘Hold My Hand’ features intro vocals by Grace Mathew, an 8-year-old girl from an Internally Displace Persons (IDP) camp who witnessed the killing of several of her relatives in Borno where she fled from. Grace shares a chilling tale of the challenges they face daily. The track is written and performed by Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia, and produced by Bolji Beatz . Listen and share your thought!!

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